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The Top 5 Common Problems with BMWs

Posted on 03/22/2017

When considering buying a used BMW, there are some common problems you should be on the lookout. Some years and models are prone to more complaints than others. Keep this in mind. It is always a good idea to do your research before making an investment into a used car. These are not all the issues that could arise, but they are the most frequent mechanical problems experienced by BMW owners.

BMW Dash Image

1. Check Engine Light appears, even though it runs great. This little mischief maker can drive a person crazy. No one likes to see the light on the dash especially when it doesn’t seem like there is a reason for it. Often the reason for this to occur is an emission leak somewhere in the air intake system. However, if the check engine light does appear don’t delay. Ryan G. Motorworks has an in-house BMW master technician who has the experience, and that will resolve even the most complex issues. All BMW service will provide the accurate diagnosis, and an expert technician solves all problems.

Wires Image

2. Electrical Problems that are mostly in association with windshield wiper functions can range from easy fixes to more complex. It is best to get it diagnosed quickly. It could be as simple as a ground issue. Frayed wires can cause systems to go crazy.

Blower Motor Image

3. Blower Motor for heat and air conditioning stops working or doesn’t function correctly, whenever there is a failure of the blower motor or an electrical issue associated with the fan motor. These are found most commonly on the older 5 and three series.

Engine Image

4. Engine Oil and coolant mixing, not exactly what you might think: This is a common problem that is most often confused as a blown head gasket. It has similar symptoms such as a buildup of oil in the cooling reservoir and overheating. However, it is the oil cooler gasket that has failed.

5. Engine Misfires accompanied by the Check Engine Light, or CEL. That whole sentence is enough to make anyone cringe when thinking about car problems. The most common symptom of a misfire is the engine running rough. More than likely it is related to a bad ignition coil or even a hose that has collapsed. Again, if you see a CEL, it is best to get it looked at right away. You can trust Ryan G. Motorworks to accurately diagnose any CEL issues with the expert team of master BMW technicians.

BMW Service and BMW Repair

It is best always to do research when getting a used car, but hopefully, after reading these top 5 common problems to be on the lookout for you can save yourself some headache. If you happen to pick up a BMW for your next car, have a skilled and trained professional such as Ryan G. Motorworks on your side. They will keep it running as good as the day it rolled off the lot.

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Used BMW

Posted on 03/15/2017

Often when purchasing a new to you, used car, getting caught up in the excitement of a new car day can overshadow what you should be focusing. There are many things to consider when buying a BMW, including common issues, and where you are going have your BMW repairs done. Stop by the Roseville BMW Service Center, and they can inspect it for you after your purchase. Let's take a minute to examine some of the pros and cons of buying a used BMW.

It Is a Foreign Car Manufacturer (Con)

With this in mind, some things are universally true about foreign cars. Parts are a little more expensive and sometimes harder to find. It is a general rule of thumb as well that owning a non-domestic vehicle you should have a great BMW repair shop on hand for your routine maintenance. Grass Valley BMW Repair can handle any issue that arises.

It Is a Foreign Car Manufacturer (Pro)

While it is a con being a foreign car, it can also be a pro. Parts have been proven to last longer than most domestic vehicles. So while it may be a bit more expensive to fix, parts wise, it won't happen near as often as a chevy or ford.

BMW has Always Been Famous for Quality of Interior (Pro)

BMW Interior Image

With higher end finishes there is a reason why BMW's are so in demand. They just only look good. Instead of the cheap looking interior, they offer premium leather, with typically all the options that could be available to you. What's not to love about heated leather seats or a premium sound system?

Quality of the Motor and Transmission (Pro)

For years BMW has been recognized for their reliability when it comes to the key components of their cars, this primarily includes the motor and Trans. With a higher hp and torque available to you it is more fun to drive knowing you aren't going to be damaging the heart of your car.

Cost of the Vehicle (Pro/Con Depending)

If you are planning to buy off a dealership, a used BMW can run you quite a bit more. Often to get the upgraded year or better options or even lower mileage you are going to be paying a hefty premium. On the other hand, if you buy off high individual saving could be had. However buying off an individual doesn't always dictate the greatest condition. If you opt to get one, you have to make sure that you bring it to a service center to get all routine maintenance done. Ryan GMW serves many locations, including a BMW repair shop Truckee.


If you are in the game to get a new BMW, the best advice is to take your time and look over your options. Consider the pros and cons. If after you made your selection and decided to become a BMW owner, ensure that you have a BMW repair shop. Ryan G. Motorworks has a master technician who specializes in ALL BMW's, and expert technician resolves all problems. Feel confident knowing your BMW will be in good hands, and they will keep it running like new whether you have 10,000 miles or 100,000.

Top 6 Problems You Should Know About the Mini Cooper

Posted on 03/08/2017

Before you buy a Mini Cooper you should be aware of the top 6 problems with the Mini Cooper; it may just change your mind on buying one.

Mini Cooper Red

The Problems You Will Find in the Mini Cooper

The problems you could find with the Mini Cooper are:

  1. Clutch on manual transmissions wear prematurely
  2. Clutch
  3. Timing chains/belts wear out or rattle faster than they should
  4. Failure of electric steering pump
  5. Electric Steering Pump
  6. Water pump and thermostat leaking causing overheating
  7. Transmission problems due to the company claim that their transmission do not need fluid changes
  8. Front radiator support made of plastic which holds the radiator, condenser, and fan; with the car that sits that low it does not take a very big bump or pothole to damage the radiator support which can then, in turn, cause damage to the radiator and cause leaks
  9. Radiator

Where to Go If you Have Mini Cooper Door Window Problems

What if you have an issue with the windows not going up and down properly or the door locks not working properly? If you are in the Roseville area you can visit Mini Cooper Repair Roseville in order to have them inspect and fix the issue.

Sometimes with the windows, it is as simple as lubing the track, other times you will need to have a regulator installed in order to make the window work properly again.

That is not the only Mini Cooper problem we can fix in our Roseville repair shop so if you have issues with your Mini drop by and let us help you diagnose and fix the problem.

Where to Go When you Hear Rattling or Odd Noise When Mini is Shifting

These rattles and other odd noises when your Mini is shifting could be coming from either your timing belt/chain or your transmission.

The best way to diagnose and fix the problem is to drop by the Mini Cooper Repair Shop in Rocklin. Our technicians can help you get a proper diagnosis, then get you repaired and back on the road.

What to do if your Mini is overheating

If your Mini Cooper is overheating it could be due to a leak in the water pump housing or thermostat. If you want to know for sure what the issue is, then stop by Mini Cooper Repair in Sacramento where our technicians can you give the proper diagnosis and an estimate on what it will cost to fix.

If you allow the overheating issue to continue it can lead to damage to the radiator and/or heads. That is one headache you do not need!


Regardless of what the issue is with your Mini Cooper, one of our shops that are located in; Sacramento, Rocklin, or Roseville can help you diagnose the problem and get it fixed so you are back on the road again.

Do You Have Dirty BMW Fuel Injectors?

Posted on 03/01/2017

Are you experiencing dirty fuel injectors with your BMW?

Would know if the injectors are just dirty and need cleaning or if they need replacing?

Let's discuss common fuel injector problems, cleaning or replacing the injectors.

Common Fuel Injector Problems

There are common fuel injector problems that stem from dirty clogged injectors as well as a leaking injector. Each causing different issues such as;

  • Dirty clogged injectors will cause issues with starting and a decrease in performance.
  • Leaking injectors will cause odor in the vehicle as well as poor performance.
  • Fuel Injector Image

The most common fuel injector problems are;

  • Problems with starting
  • Issues when idling
  • Lower RPMS
  • Failed emission testing
  • Poor performance

Should you be experiencing any of those issues with your BMW come by BMW Repair in Roseville, and have diagnostic testing to make sure exactly what the actual issue is. Then you can repair it before further damage happens.

Knowing When Your Fuel Injectors Need Cleaning

It can be hard to know if the injectors just need cleaning or replacing. However, if you are experiencing low performance, low RPMs, rough idling, or stuttering when taking off or going up a hill; chances are you need to clean your fuel injectors.

There are many good injector cleaners sold in the auto parts store which will work if you have caught it early. If on the other hand, a treatment or two of injector cleaner does not work then do come visit BMW Repair Shop Roseville.

They can use stronger cleaners as well as tools to help clean the clogged or dirty injector. After which, you should use an injection cleaner from the auto parts store after so many miles. Read the directions to determine how often you need to add a bottle to a tank of gas.

Why You Need to Replace Your Fuel Injectors

While fuel injectors are quite sturdy and rarely need replacing there are instances in which it is required such as;

  • External fuel injector leaks
  • Fuel odors inside or beside the car
  • Hydro lock
  • Oil thinning

You definitely want to come by Roseville BMW Service for any of the above-listed issues as they can cause serious damage to the engine.

Those issues need to be taken care of immediately and require replacing the fuel injectors


Remember that dirty, clogged, or leaking injectors can lead to very serious engine issues so you need to take care of them as soon as possible.

Issues with the performance which causes low gas mileage, pinging, or knocking could be from dirty injectors so before you jump to the thought of just replacing the injectors, try 1 to 2 bottles of injector cleaner from the auto store.

If the cleaner does not work then you need to bring it to the Roseville BMW Service and have a diagnostic testing done. The technician can then help you get the correct injectors and put them in properly.

Vehicle Engine Failure and How to Avoid It

Posted on 12/17/2016

Your vehicle's engine is one of the most important parts of your car. The engine is the heart of it all, composed of various moving parts all working together in unison to power the vehicle down the road.

It's not difficult to diagnose your engine trouble yourself, you just have to know what to look for and if you're able to identify these issues early enough, it's recommended you take your vehicle in for an engine service right away.

Self Diagnose Checklist

  • Check Engine Light: Don't ignore it! The engine light only illuminates to help you take preventative action and should be respected at all times.
  • Leaks: It's very important that you keep an eye out for spots or stains underneath your vehicle. This could indicate that you have a leak. If you have a large leak, it could mean serious trouble for your engine.
  • Unfamiliar Noises: Odd or strange sounds coming from your engine is always a concern. Don't wait, take immediate action before it leads to a financial headache
  • Low Oil Pressure: Pay attention to your dashboard gauges
  • Loss of Engine Power
  • Misfiring
  • Hardstarting
  • Overheating: When your engine overheats, it could mean a variety of things, but it's important to shut your engine off as soon as it begins overheating. You could crack a head and even ruin your engine altogether if you continue to run a overheating engine.

Additional Advice to Avoid Engine Failure

It is recommended that you avoid driving your vehicle through standing water. This could easily flood your engine and create havoc. The intake manifold sends an air-fuel mixture into the engine. In the event that water contaminates this mixture, it could cause the piston rods to bend and seize the engine completely.

Engine service or repairs can be costly so it's important to take all the precautions you can to increase the life of your vehicle. Frequent oil changes are at the top of the list. Your engine oil lubricates your engine preventing friction which can lead to overheating which in turn can cause complete engine shut down. Engine replacements can cost anywhere from $3,000-$9,500. In comparison, oil changes cost around $40-$60. Flushing your engine cooling system every three years can increase the life of your engine as well. These cost around $100-$150.

The cost of maintenance is far less than the cost of an engine change. Don't ignore the warning signs of engine failure. Be sure to get your engine service as soon as it shows any of the warning signs. Proper engine service and maintenance could help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

How Important Are 30K-60K-90K Services? Ryan G. Motorworks Has the Answer

Posted on 12/10/2016

It is important to get your car serviced frequently. Proper servicing is important for increasing the life of your car. Frequent oil changes, checking filters, lights, belts, hoses, and all the odds and ends. 30K-60K-90K services involve all of those things and more.

Ryan G. Motorworks is now offering the best qualified trained mechanics and customer service to handle your BMW repair in Roseville. Don't miss this opportunity today.

30K-60K-90K Services

Most all of those services include:

  • Oil change service- Oil change services are critical for the life of your engine. Oil is the life of your engine; it lubricates the moving parts. Without oil, your vehicle would not perform. At least not for very long.
  • Inspection and/or replacement of filters (air, cabin, fuel, etc.)- According to studies, changing the various filters in your vehicle increase the performance of yoru vehicle.
  • Tire inspection, pressure check- It's quite obvious why this is important. Having the right amount of air in your tires is extremely important for keeping your vehicle on the road and avoiding causing damage to other parts of your vehicle. They also inspect the tread to ensure that it is still safe to drive on and will inform you how much longer your tires have left to live.
  • Inspection of brakes and rotors- A thorough inspection of your brakes and rotors are important because without the brakes, your vehicle would be a fast moving machine with almost no way to stop it.
  • Check all lights, belts, and hoses- Ensuring that all your lights are important for keeping you and other drivers safe on the road. Belts need to be replaced so that they do not break on you while you are going down the road and for other important things that keep your car moving. If you have a leak in a hose it can seriously cause a lot of problems.
  • Inspection of drive train
  • Inspection of fuel system and fuel injector cleaning service- Mechanic will clean the injector, the fuel lines and the gas pump with a cleaner and starts the engine cleaning process. The mechanic will will apply another cleaner to the engine directly while it is warm. This cleaner will help remove carbon deposits and other buildup from the combustion chambers. The mechanic then cleans the air intake by hand with a different cleaner, using a bottle brush to remove any deposits that may disturb the air flow.
  • Vehicle road test
  • At higher mileages, an inspection of your spark plugs and timing belt, transmission and differential fluid check.

While many manufacturers have no recommendations for changing your transmission and differential fluid check, but having them checked could help avoid future problems. It is recommended to have your vehicle serviced before any long trip to ensure that you don't end up stranded miles away from home. Having these components inspected and serviced by a professional is important for ensuring that your vehicle has optimum life.

Is My Starter Failing? Ryan G. Motorworks Offering Roseville BMW Service to You!

Posted on 12/03/2016

Your car won't start again! Could it be your starter? How much will it cost to fix? What is going to happen to my car now?

There are so many questions running through your head when you attempt to turn over that ignition, and your car doesn't start. First off, if your vehicle's engine is turning over but not starting, it's not your starter at all. The starter is only responsible for turning the engine over. If you turn the key and hear nothing at all or a quiet click or a loud “clunk” that means you have starter issues.

If you hear the loud “clunk” when attempting to start your car, it is very likely that you have a poor starter solenoid and will need to be replaced.

It's time to visit a Roseville BMW service station immediately.

Warning Signs of a Failing Starter

When your starter starts going bad, you'll notice a few signs and symptoms leading up to this. Pay attention to your vehicle and what she's telling you. It could help save you the frustration, money and time later.

  • Engine begins turning over slowly
  • Dashboard lights becoming dim while you are starting your car
  • Battery terminals get really hot
  • Turning the key and nothing happens or a single click
  • Turning the key and hearing a single loud click or clunk
  • You hear a grinding noise when trying to start. This grinding sound is similar to the one you hear if your vehicle were on and then you accidentally hit the starter. This can cause damage to the engine flywheel
  • Freewheeling occurs when you attempt to turn over the engine and instead of it starting, you'll hear a high pitched whine coming from the engine. This usually means that your starter is not engaging with your flywheel
  • If you see smoke coming from your vehicle, it could mean you have a starter problem, but smoke could mean a lot of things. If you see smoke when trying to start your car, that could mean that too much power is being pulled through the electrical supply to the starter. This could be caused by a short, has a connection problem, or has been operating too long without rest.
  • ? Oily or over saturated(in oil) starters will likely have a shorter life. That also means that you have an oil leak. It is recommended that you repair the leakage and replace your starter before it malfunctions.

The most typical malfunction with a starter is a malfunctioning starter solenoid. The solenoid transmits an electrical current from your battery to the motor in the starter which in turn causes the car to start when the key is turned.

Ryan G. Motorworks- Best BMW Repair in Roseville

Posted on 11/26/2016

Your brakes save your life every single day. It's imperative that you also take care of them by performing routine checks with required maintenance on a regular basis.

It is recommended that you check your brake fluid, brake cables, and friction material every 10,000 miles and every 20,000 miles you should change your brake fluid to ensure your families safety on the road. In Roseville, BMW service centers are limited. However, consider yourself luck as Ryan G. Motorworks is one of the regions premium service centers offering the best service and care for precious vehicle.

Importance of Changing Fluid

It is always good to inspect that your brake fluid is at an appropriate level. When checking this, you should also check the color; making sure that the fluid isn't a milky color. If it is, this means that either condensation or water has gotten into your lines and it needs to be changed ASAP. If your contaminated brake fluid remains in the vehicle, you can count on it to ruin your master cylinder in your brake system and wear down your wheel cylinders. When changing your brake fluid, it's just as important to bleed the lines prior to adding new fluid. Bleeding the brake lines typically takes two people, one to pump the brakes and the other to watch the bleeder so that you can close the valve when fluid begins to pass through. This removes all of the air out of your brake lines and ensures that your car will stop properly every time. When performing the next brake job on the vehicle, you should replace the calipers, the wheel cylinder, along with the brake hardware.

When is it Time to Change my Brake Pads?

Brake maintenance isn't a challenging process, however, it is very important that you make sure that it is done correctly. Inspect your brake pads and rotors for wear regularly. When driving, if you feel like it's taking more pressure on your brake pedal to slow down or come to a complete stop, it is likely that it is time to replace. If you're hearing a high pitched squealing coming from your wheel well means it's time to change your pads. You can check these by removing your tires. If it's showing so much wear that you can only see a little portion of the pad, it is definitely time to get those changed.

When Choosing a Pad, What Material Should I Choose?

A thorough comprehensive brake job on your vehicle will include

  • refinish rotors
  • refinished drums
  • replacement of the existing brake pads/shoes
  • further inspect
  • clean
  • repack wheel bearing
  • replace the grease seal

You always want to make sure to replace your pads with the same time of friction material that is being taken off of your vehicle, whether it be organic or semi-metallic.

It is always recommended that your BMW is serviced by a certified trained professional who knows your BMW being able to identify any problems and offer adequate solutions. To save you time, money and peace of mind be sure to visit Ryan G. Motorworks for your next BMW service and repair in Roseville.

Drive Shaft Symptoms That Might be the Clue to Service Time

Posted on 11/19/2016

There are a few clues that indicate your driveshaft could be failing, which means it’s time to take your vehicle in for a driveline service. Some symptoms of a failing drive shaft are:

  • shaking and intense car vibrations
  • clunking
  • rattling
  • scraping coming from bottom of vehicle
  • U-Joint movement
  • turning issues

If your car is showing any of these signs, it could be time to take your vehicle to the mechanic in for an inspection.

Gear part

Shaking and Vibration

Your vehicle parts, especially in floorboards may shake and shudder, even your whole vehicle; it may even get worse as you accelerate. This causes issues with drivability. The vibrations would be coming from beneath your vehicle. The vibration could be caused by wear on the drive shaft u-joints. When they wear out, they can cause excessive shaking. When your car was manufactured, they ensured that the entire car was finely balanced so any vibrations you may feel will indicate an issue. Vibration is usually the first symptom of a failing drive shaft.

Clunks, Rattles, and Scrapes

If the bushings on your driveshaft or the u-joints deteriorate or fail, it can hinder the drive shaft's ability to rotate. When your drive shaft's rotation is interfered with it will cause all the different sounds associated with a failing driveshaft. You may also hear a low squeaking sound that gets worse as your speed increases. This sound may disappear when you continuously travel at high speeds, but may reappear when you slow down again. This sound is a result of a severely damaged u-joint and a huge indication that it is time for an inspection of your drive shaft.

Movement of the U-Joint

U-joint part

Another large indication that you may need a driveline service is a u-joint that moves too much or doesn’t move at all. You can inspect your universal joints yourself by setting your parking brake and put your car into neutral. Reach underneath your vehicle and you should be able to move the yokes of the u-joint; this checks the flexibility. If there is excessive movement, your u-joints could be unstable which negatively impacts the drive shaft. If you see rust along the the bearing cap seals, that can also indicate a problem drive shaft. In serious cases, this could prevent your wheels from turning properly or resist when making sharp turns or u-turns. It could be especially hard to maneuver in tight spaces.

Well, what is the purpose of your drive shaft? That certainly sounds important. Well, your drive shaft is a cylindrical shaft that transmits torque from the engine to the wheels. It is located between the differentials and the gearbox. The driveshaft, when functioning properly, helps switch between idle and drive. So the drive shaft is very important, because without it, your car would never move. As with many issues, early detection helps prevent long-term costly repairs.

Is Induction Service a Waste of Money?

Posted on 11/16/2016

Fuel induction services are recommended for most vehicles around 60k miles or so. Routine maintenance of your fuel system can prevent many long term problems, engine damage, and cold starts. If your car is showing these symptoms, it could mean you need a fuel induction service.

What is a Fuel Induction Service?

A proper fuel induction service consists of two main parts:

  • fuel injection clean
  • top engine clean

In your manual, the manufacturer (typically) recommends that you get a throttle body and drip cleaning every 60k miles, however, they only suggest getting a thorough top engine cleaning every 150k miles. Top engine cleaning needs to be done by a professional or else it could end up damaging your catalysts more than helping anything.

Make sure the mechanic you receive your fuel induction services from also cleans your throttle body and intake as well.

Why Do I Need A Fuel Induction Service?

There are many reasons to get a fuel induction service:

  • increase your fuel efficiency
  • increases engine performance and drivability
  • reduces harmful engine emissions
  • extend engine life
  • extend fuel injector life

Cleaning your fuel system is important to the life of your engine and can prevent a variety of long term issues with your vehicle. Fuel induction services clear out carbon deposits and other buildup that forms inside your engine. Cleaning your throttle body and engine intake as well cleans carbon deposits on the intake valves, which will allow your fuel to flow better into the combustion chamber which in turn will increase your fuel mileage. Also, cleaning your intake valves also allow for better airflow to your engine. This will help reduce shaking or a rough idle issue, along with hesitation during take-off.

Your fuel filter, fuel pump and fuel injectors can all get clogged with debris and dirt… Gas isn’t as clean as you think it is. You can help prevent major buildup by using good gas, I prefer Chevron. However, buildup is inevitable. If your system gets clogged, it can lead to engine damage. The symptoms start off slowly by breaking down your engine and finally, your engine will completely shut down.

Is a Fuel Induction Service Worth It?


Ultimately, the answer to that question is yes. Of course, you don’t need an over the top cleaning every 60k miles or anything like that, but maintaining proper upkeep could really help your wallet in the long run with fuel costs. You can help reduce the buildup in your fuel filter by using additives like sea-foam and 100% Techron. You can also use premium gasoline.

In conclusion, fuel injection services can be costly, but help you maintain your vehicle in tip top shape. Your engine will thank you and so will your wallet when you get a few extra miles in before having to stop to fill up. Personally, I believe that fuel induction services can be well worth it when done properly and by a skilled hand.

Never Under Estimate the Power of an Oil Change!

Posted on 11/12/2016

Oil Change

The average cost of a year's worth of oil changes is estimated around $120, this data was gathered from receiving an oil change every three months, or four times per year. That number seems pretty costly, but not when compared to the cost of not doing them. Not replacing the oil and filter can be absolutely detrimental to a car. Might as well call the junkyard, because your engine can seize. Yeah, sure, you can replace your engine to avoid the routine oil changes, lines at the shop, the forty dollars you will have to cough up every time for parts and labor, and not to mention, the time you could have spent with your car on the road. A routine oil change is just as important as regular brake change services.

The Cost Of An Engine Swap

The average engine swap is very, very pricey. Just in labor, you are going to be looking at a bill of at least $1000. You can find mechanics who will do it for cheaper, but remember that especially in the case of cars; you get what you pay for. The engine itself is what is going to be the big Kahuna. Price dependent upon the make, model, and year of your car, a new engine could cost you anywhere between $3000 and $8000. Now that $120 bill for a year's worth doesn’t seem so bad now does it? If spending $40 every three months could save you thousands upon thousands of dollars in the long run by significantly reducing the risk of engine trouble.

Why Are Routine Oil Changes So Important?

Now you may be asking yourself why in the world replacing your oil and changing your filter could be so imperative. Your car rolled off of the assembly line a fine-tuned machine made up of thousands of gears and parts. Now imagine all of those parts spinning without any lubrication. Your oil is your engine’s lubrication.

Maintain Engine Lubrication

Like I stated before, your engine is made up of a lot of moving parts, which needs proper lubrication to work correctly. As you put the miles on your car, the oil in your engine begins to break down and become sludge. Sludge has none of the qualities of oil and no longer acts as a lubricant. Which, once again brings us back to friction.

Remove Sludge and Debris From Engine

If you continue using old oil can cause cracks and leaks because it will also be circling around old debris. Routine oil changes remove particles and debris from the wear on the engine and also all the oil that has broken down and turned into sludge. Over time, any dirt particles that may have slipped past your filter can cause corrosion and play a big part in the death of your engine.

Keeping your engine clean is the biggest part of promoting your vehicle’s longevity. Routine oil changes are a huge part of BMW service and repair. Oil build up robs your car of its fuel economy and makes internal components work harder; when your car works harder, you are looking at more problems down the road.

Why Ryan GMW is the Best Service for BMWs?

Posted on 11/09/2016


When you’re looking for a pediatrician for your child, you search high and low making sure you are getting the very best care for your child. Choosing a mechanic to care for your BMW should be just as important. BMW makes some of the longest lasting engines around, but only if you take care of it like you’re supposed to and choose a mechanic that cares for your car as much as you do. This is why Ryan GMW, a BMW service and repair provider, is the best service you can find for your BMW.

Ryan GMW is owned and operated by Ryan Gangemi who is a BMW Master Technician, ASE Master Technician, and a BMW enthusiast. There are 42 years shared experience between him and his lead technician, John Lippold who has thirty years of technician service experience. With almost entirely five star ratings, they have top of the line service and equipment. The shop is ASE certified and holds a Bosch service certification.

Ryan GMW provides their service at an affordable price on their roughly 9,000 square feet facili-ty holding 7 lifts and pretty much any tool they could ever need to handle almost any automotive job. Their shop rivals high end shops and dealerships for cleanliness and their equipment quality. Mechanics in their shop know the service schedule for every BMW.

When assessing a problem on your vehicle, the mechanics at Ryan GMW provide an educational talk to help you understand what is wrong with your vehicle and how they plan to fix it. At Ryan GMW, they have made it their goal to educate every customer on the status of their vehicle and to show you what needs to be done to fix your vehicle. They want to return your ve-hicle to its original condition. They will never perform any repair or service without speaking to you first and ensuring you are educated on what is going to happen next.

Ryan GMW provides many different options for your BMW service and repair. Including, but not limited to:

  • 30k/60k/90k services
  • inspections
  • pre-purchase advice
  • aftermarket warranties
  • oil change services
  • fuel induction services
  • cooling system repairs
  • clutches
  • brake change and repair services
  • tires
  • transmission work

In each service, Ryan GMW uses the finest OEM parts during each service. Ryan GMW tries to have each service complete the same day, but in some cases they can’t live up to that promise because they do not substitute parts during your service to cut corners. They don’t require that you have an appointment for service either and are willing to work around your busy schedule.

Moreover, Ryan GMW provides excellent service for an affordable price. They are highly ranked and a one stop shop for your BMW service and repair. At Ryan GMW, your oil changes and tune-ups will be handled by someone who knows exactly how your car works. Ryan GMW offers what other shops don’t: peace of mind.

Common Driveline Problems

Posted on 11/02/2016

Diagnosing common driveline and differential problems can sometimes be a little difficult.

Let’s talk about some of the noises what types of problems those noises signal.

This is a powertrain and regardless of what make of vehicle you drive the powertrain is basically the same.

Motor Parts

Loose pinion bearings

If you hear a whining noise when you are slowing down or when speeding up at any speed you hear a whine with a hum or a growl it could be a loose pinion bearing which looks like this;


Now the noise when speeding up could also be a worn gear set.

Worn gear set

A worn gear set could be due to a lack of lubrication or overload.

The noises you will hear which point to a worn gear set are; howl without whir or rumble during acceleration at any speed or howling while accelerating over a small speed range.

Your powertrain gear set should look similar to this

Powertrain Gear

Now what if there is howling after the gear set installation? The problem here is more than likely the installation was done wrong or faulty gears.

Carrier bearings

If you have a low-pitch rumble at all speeds over 20 mph then more than likely you have worn carrier bearings. Basically these look like this.

Carrier Bearing

Worn pinion bearings

You are likely to hear whirring during acceleration or deceleration at about 10 miles per hour if your pinion bearings are worn.

Bad wheel bearings

If you are hearing rumble or clicking that gets worse during hard turns you’re more than likely going to find that you have bad wheel bearings.

Bad Wheel Bearing


Driveline squeaking or grinding at any speed or clunking during takeoff generally points to worn or damaged u-joints. The clunking during takeoff can also be caused by worn spider gears; worn axle splines; excessive gear backlash; loose yoke splines; worn slip yoke splines. As you can see it is probably best to take the vehicle to a mechanic who has the ability to check those items for you and discover exactly which it is. This is a U-joint.



If you hear Steady vibration that increases with speed; this could be either your driveshaft being out of balance or worn u-joint. The driveshaft looks like this;


It is possible to fix these items yourself so long as you are sure that the noise you hear is the right part since some of these noises can be a sign of one or more parts.

If you do not wish to spend money on parts you do not need then it is best to take your vehicle to a driveline service shop you know and trust and have them diagnosis which part is the actual culprit.

Another way to save money is to buy the part from your parts store and then have your mechanic put it in. In some cases this will save you a few dollars in the markup most garages put on items.

The Importance of Fuel Induction Service

Posted on 10/29/2016

Do you know what fuel induction service is and why it is important?

Fuel induction services cleans out deposits and build up left behind in your engine parts. You do need to make sure that the mechanic or repair shop includes throttle body and intake cleaning in the induction service. This will reduce the carbon deposits on the intake valves which will allow better flow of fuel into the combustion chamber.

Fuel induction services cleans out deposits and build up left behind in your engine parts. You do need to make sure that the mechanic or repair shop includes throttle body and intake cleaning in the induction service. This will reduce the carbon deposits on the intake valves which will allow better flow of fuel into the combustion chamber.

What are signs that you need a fuel induction service?

There are some signs that you could need a fuel induction service.

  • Vehicle is hard to start. Generally when you start the vehicle it stumbles and takes a little longer to start than it did before.
  • There is slower pick up when you step down on gas.
  • Your fuel efficiency has gone done.
  • Rough idling with shaking or vibrating.
  • Pinging especially when going up even minor hills.
  • Poor overall performance.

These are all signs that your vehicle may need fuel induction service to clean out deposits and build up.

Keeping your injectors and combustion chamber cleaner longer

This is more important on vehicles prior to 2004 but good to know for all vehicles

  • Use Techron by Chevron every 4,000 miles. One 20 ounce bottle of Techron will help keep some of the buildup and deposits from becoming heavier than without Techron. Using this does not mean you will not have to have a fuel induction cleaning done by a professional service; it just means that the cleaning will be able to get what is left much easier.
  • Pay attention to the grade of gas you use. ExxonMobil, Chevron and Shell gas has the best additives to help with keeping deposits and buildup bad; for Shell the best grade is the highest however even the regular has more additives than some other brands of gas.

What happens when the professional runs a clean on the fuel induction system of your vehicle it cleans the complete system including; injectors, injector nozzles, screens, hoses, and regulator.

It is cheaper to do proper maintenance of your fuel system than having to replace injectors or other parts which is why when you do a fuel induction clean it should be done by a professional.

Do not trust the cleaning solutions you find in the auto parts stores other than the Techron and that is simply a measure to help reduce the buildup in between professional cleaning.

A word of caution on cleaning fuel systems; do not trust places that offer quick lubes. Go to an actual fuel induction service in order to get the real cleaning done.

Do you know the Signs of Brake Issues?

Posted on 10/26/2016

Do you know what the signals are that your auto brakes should be checked and changed?

What are those signals?

Here are some signals of problems with your brakes;

  • Noises – when you put your brakes on do you hear squealing, screeching, rubbing, grinding or some other noise? If so you need to check your brake pads as they may have reached the end of their life span. If that is the case it is time to change the brake pads.
  • Vibration or pulsing –when you are going certain speeds and apply your brakes do you feel vibrating or pulsing then you need to get your brakes checked as it could be a your pads reaching their lifespan or that they have gone beyond that and the metal on metal has started causing issues with your rotors. Whatever the issue that the brake inspection technician tells you, it needs to be addressed with the correct parts.
  • Does your brake pedal need to be pushed down farther and farther? –This could be a sign that brake pad wear is going on, your brake fluid is low, there could be air in the brake lines or there could be other issues. Do not wait on this; get this checked right away by a brake change service. Pay attention to what they tell you the cause is and make sure that you make the necessary repairs.
  • Do you smell a burning smell when you put on your brakes? – Do not wait around on this issue; this will need to be addressed by someone who is a professional to find out exactly what is going on with your brakes. When they tell you what parts need to be replaced, brake shoes or lines then do the repair needed immediately before it causes more issues that could lead to complete brake failure.
  • A brake warning light –Not all vehicles will have a brake warning light if your vehicle does have a brake warning light do not ignore this warning. Go to your local brake change service and have it checked.

How can you make your brake parts last longer?

Making your brake parts last longer is a combination of maintenance and driving.

  • Brake pads should be checked regularly and changed when they are at the end of their life span.
  • Rotors should also be checked at least once a year, unless you have signs that you are having braking issues that could be a rotor problem.
  • When it comes to driving; the less stop and go traffic you have to drive in the better. If you do have to drive in stop and go traffic the way you drive and apply your brakes can either help or hurt your brake parts. For instance if you are tailgating you have to stomp on your brakes more often; so leave at least 2 car lengths between you and the car in front of you. Begin slowing down earlier for stops.

Is Your Transmission Healthy?

Posted on 10/22/2016

Have you been noticing signs of signs of trouble with your transmission? Not sure?

What are the signs that your transmission is ready to fail?

There are several signs that your transmission may be heading for trouble. Some things to watch for are;

  • Slipping – the transmission slips between gears when you are driving on the road or it slides back into neutral.
  • Noises such as grinding, clunking or humming especially when in neutral.
  • The transmission fluid smells burned.
  • The clutch will not disengage for a smooth shift instead there is a knocking or crunching.
  • When you are seeing higher RPM for a gear shift or given speed or you feel a lag or delay when shifting gears. An example of this is your driving 55 mph in over drive but you notice that you are having higher RPM than normal or it feels like it dropped out of over drive and is instead in drive when it should be in over drive; this would also fit slipping as an example.
  • Leaking or low fluid consistently. If you are consistently seeing low fluid even after you have topped it off then you need to be looking for a leak and if there is no leak then where is the fluid going. This is not easy to always find unless it is a major leak.
  • Engine light; this should be checked by a technician as soon as possible after it comes on to diagnose what the issue truly is.

When should you take your transmission to a professional?

As soon as you notice any kind of problem you should go to a professional such as Transmission Repair Roseville, CA.

You should also make sure to take your regular transmission maintenance to a professional. To maintain your transmission properly by having it flushed every 50,000 to 150,000 miles.

Meet the staff: John Lippold

Posted on 07/10/2014

John is a technician here at Ryan G Motorworks. He's an ASE certified master technician with background in all different brands of automobiles. He's been in the automotive industry for over 30 years. John has experience in every facet of the automotive service industry, from technician to service writer. John has an excellent understanding of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, BMW and MINI vehicles.

John lives in Applegate with his wife and 3 children. When not wrenching on customer's vehicles, John is a part time firefighter and fleet mechanic with Placer Hills Fire. John also enjoys spending time on his boat fishing.

Meet the staff: Ryan Gangemi

Posted on 07/08/2014

Ryan is the owner and founder of Ryan G Motorworks. He lives in Auburn with his wife and their four children. Ryan has been a BMW Master Technician for over 7 years and has specialized in working on BMW and MINI vehicles for over 12. His pride and joy is his 1988 BMW M3 that has been extremely modified to fit his tastes. You can read about it more here

Ryan has owned a variety of BMWs and MINIs and currently drives a 2007 BMW 335i. Ryan has a wealth of knowledge due to his past experiences with BMWs and MINIs and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ryan would like to start selling used cars as a business within the next 6-12 months.

Half off oil changes!

Posted on 06/24/2014

We're happy to annouce that, from now on, customers with our Ryan G. Motorworks license plate frames installed on their vehicle will receive special 50% discounted oil changes. We appreciate our loyal customers and would like to rewards all of you with our plate frames for being so awesome!

Call today to schedule your appointment!


Posted on 06/16/2014

With our newly installed Hunter DSP600 alignment machine, Ryan GMW can perform any sort of alignment your vehicle needs. Our factory trained and certified alignment technicians go the extra mile and use over 400 lbs of weights in your vehicle during the alignment process.

This additional weight in the vehicle during the alignment process is important because it lets our technicians align the vehicle as if the owner were sitting in it. Without these weights, the vehicle would have a perfect alignment when parked and an incorrect alignment as soon as the driver sits down. This is not ideal for the ultimate driving machine.

Our alignments provide better tire wear and the best possible handling that your fine German automobile can provide.

We also offer performance and custom alignments. If you driving only twisting and turning mountain back roads with tires that are stickier than the factory recommended brand and you're looking for that last bit of performance to really take your vehicle over the top, our performance alignments may be for you.

We can align your vehicle to YOUR custom specifications as well. We have experience with both autocross and road race vehicles and can help maximize your performance at your next event. Call us for an appointment today!

The Value of Professionalism

Posted on 02/12/2014

Here at Ryan G. Motorworks we have many vehicles come in that have been worked on at other shops, vehicles the customer has worked on themselves, or customers that state their "friend" worked on the vehicle. Often times we end up correcting these "repairs". Here is a collection of images from vehicles we've seen.

This is an aftermarket polyurethane control arm bushing that had been installed by another shop. The bushing was installed backwards and had worked its way out of the control arm bushing bracket. This caused dangerous dynamic changes in suspension geometry which could have resulted in damage to the vehicle or even personal injury. Luckily, we were able to correct the issue before the unthinkable happened and the customer only had to pay for the labor to repair it.

This customer had a friend of his perform a brake pad installation on his vehicle. Not only is the rear anti rattle spring clip missing but the pad was also installed INSIDE OUT. This means the pad material that is designed to slow down the vehicle is facing the outside while the hard outer backing plate of the pad is against the rotor. We were able to fix this issue for the customer after he brought it in with a complaint of noise coming from the rear. Unfortunately, we were not able to save the brake pad and therefore had to do the job over again.

This is a customer that had just purchased a vehicle from a used car lot and complained of a burning smell. During inspection of the vehicle we found gray silicone (a popular silicone sealant in the automotive industry) around the outside of the valve cover and an oil leak from the valve cover dripping onto the exhaust. We informed the customer of this and moved forward by removing the valve cover to inspect the gasket below. What you see above is what we found. The dealership had taken the time to remove the valve cover, reseal the used gasket with silicone and reinstall the valve cover. Unfortunately for the customer this job had been done incorrectly and had warped the engine's plastic valve cover. This meant the valve cover in its entirety had to be replaced. Instead of a simple 250 dollar fix the cost was over 600 dollars to repair.

These three examples are proof that a bad mechanic will end up being much more expensive than a good one in the long run. We offer a 1 year, 12,000 mile warranty on every job we perform. Save yourself the hassle of doing a job twice, or paying more after a botched repair by coming to us in the first place. Call today to schedule an appointment.

N52/N54 Belt Tensioner

Posted on 01/27/2014

BMW N52/N52K/N54 engines are the '06-'13 BMW 6 cylinder. They all suffer from a weak belt tensioner that has a tendency to get tilted with age which can cause the belt to fall off resulting in a loss of power steering, alternator and air conditioning functions. This is a diagram showing the tensioner in relation to the rest of the belt system. The tensioner is number 1 in the diagram:

These tensioners fail and will put the belt out of alignment in relation to the other accessories. Misalignment of the belt can cause premature wear and even failure of the belt completely. If the belt fails the vehicle will lose electrical output from the alternator and the vehicle's engine will die once the battery's engine is depleted. This can leave you stranded on the side of the road in a worse case scenario. Our customer Bridget A. had such a failing tensioner, pictured below:

You can see in this picture that the ribbed portion of the belt is about 3 millimeters out of alignment from the smooth portion of the belt. This is a tensioner that is failing. Luckily for Bridget we caught it while we changed her oil before it caused her an issue. Pictured below is the tensioner after it has been replaced with a new unit and a new belt:

Now the only visible part of the tensioner is the very end of the pulley. All is well! The total cost of this repair was about 350 dollars but Bridget is back on the road worry free. This is just one of the issues we can uncover during our free inspections. Schedule one today!

Our Latest Project…

Posted on 12/16/2013

Here is a ’72 BMW 2002tii. An early example of the fuel injected car that captured many peoples hearts. I bought this example from the original owner, right here in Sacramento. We rebuilt the motor, installed new brakes and tuned her up. Once all was sorted, I decided to sell the car, and made the new owner very happy that I did! The car is as original as you could hope to find these days, with the interior just as it was, the paint still shining and even tires that were over 30 years old!

Latest E30 S52 Project Car

Posted on 11/14/2013

This is a 1990 BMW 325iS that belongs to a great customer of ours. We swapped in a ’98 M3 S52 motor complete with OBD1 conversion, Underdrive pulleys, Bigger injectors with euro HFM with Custom Software, Stromung Muffler, 5 speed M3 ZF Gearbox, 3.25LSD rear end, Ground Control Coilovers, and updated the interior. This car is a sleeper! This engine combo has been known to put out around 220rwhp and in an E30 that makes for a very fast and enjoyable car, with turn key reliability as well. The car is still a work in progress but is coming along nicely, and now has an ice cold A/C for the summer months. Paint and Body were done by TNT in Sacramento with the factory calipso color being retained. The car has euro trim, shaved door locks, and no badges. Give us a call if you are interested in getting an engine swap performed on your car! We will give you honest pricing and help you budget your money to get the job done right.

Mini Cooper N14 Timing Chain – RyanGMW Mini-Cooper Repair Auburn CA

Posted on 10/23/2013

This car was here for an engine noise. The N14 engine in late model Mini Coopers is subject to timing chain stretch, which in turn causes a rattle noise. There is an updated timing chain setup with new guide rails that fixed these noises. The job requires special tools and many hours to correct, but needs to be addressed before the engine skips timing and then doesn’t run. Total cost on the job is roughly $1,400, and seems to be needed on most late model mini’s at some point in their lifespan. Don’t let your mini lose an engine over a simple fix! Swing it by anytime and we can listen to it to verify what is going on. Advice is free so swing by and chat about your mini with us!

BMW E30 Auto to Manual Conversion

Posted on 10/14/2013

This ’90 325i BMW E30 came in as an automatic from our friend Diego and his son David. He also brought us another E30 that was a manual transmission car. We took all the neceaasry components from the manual car (pedal cluster, transmission, flywheel, drive shaft) and installed a new clutch, new short shifter, all new bushings and a new driveshaft center bearing. The car now feels like it came from the factory with a manual transmission and drives great!

Expanding Our Focus

Posted on 10/11/2013

We have made the decision to expand our focus to cover all German cars. These makes will include Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Modern VW, Audi, and of course BMW’s & Mini Coopers. If you own one of these fine German automobiles and need service, be sure to call us and make an appointment to get all your needs taken care of!

Evolve E39 M5 Header Install

Posted on 10/02/2013

This is a set of Evolve Headers we installed on our customers BMW E39 M5 Track Car. Awesome car with just 47k miles on the clock and very well kept. These beautiful headers are from England and they fit excellent! The sound of the S62 V8 with headers is intoxicating! The car has a Hamann cat-back and sounds amazing. Truly an awesome car, BMW nailed it on this one…

Susan G. Komen Ground Control Coilover Conversion

Posted on 09/25/2013

Ground Control Suspension Systems decided sell a special coilover kit to benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation. Our own Ryan Gangemi was fortunate enough to win the auction Ground Control organized, 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of the suspension went to breast cancer research. They were also painted in Ryan’s favorite color; PINK!

After the install Ryan’s 335i handles better than ever but still has the comfortable, enjoyable ride he would expect from an Ultimate Driving Machine.

Interested in installing Ground Control suspension or another performance suspension brand on your German vehicle to enhance the handling and driving experience? Give us a call today at (530) 305-2499. Our address is 555 Wall St in Auburn, CA 95603, we’re always happy to give advice so swing on by to chat!

Direct Injection Cleaning

Posted on 09/22/2013

If your 06 and newer BMW or MINI is feeling sluggish, not getting the miles per gallon you’re used to or is illuminating the check engine light; bring it down to us. Your vehicle’s cylinder head could have carbon build up in it’s intake ports, causing a reduced amount of air to flow through the cylinder head into your engine’s combustion chamber. As the engine’s computer tries to compensate for the lack of air flowing through the cylinder head it can cause the check engine light to be illuminated and can even put the vehicle into “limp home” mode. This build up is caused by the direct injection system injecting fuel directly into the combustion chamber. Traditional fuel injection inject fuel into the intake tract where it washes over intake valves and cleans carbon. Direct injection is more efficient and more powerful than traditional fuel injection, but it does need service from time to time.

Direct Injection port cleaning using our factory BMW/MINI tool will take care of the build up of carbon that can cause these issues. Media blasting on both BMW 6 cylinders and MINI 4 cylinders is 499.99 and will help your engine run better, smoother, and more efficiently. Call us today to schedule an appointment!

E30 iS Front Splitters

Posted on 09/17/2013

Late Model iS E30 splitters are back in stock!
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