Tire Care Tips You Should Take Note Of

Caring for your tires is perhaps one of the easiest ways to improve ride quality and performance of your vehicle. Tires are what makes your car to stay connected to the road. So it’s fair to say that you want the best possible tire condition that you can get. Here are a few practical tips for caring for your tires and getting the most life out of them.

Tire Rotation

A quick tire inspection can alert you to the need for a tire rotation. Even better manufacturers have guidelines on what is the appropriate length of time to rotate them. The universal rule of thumb is to turn tires every 5,000 miles. Having your tires rotated will help to reduce uneven wear. Uneven wear will cause you to have to replace your tires more frequently or prematurely.

Put New Tires On the Rear Axle

There are mixed ideas about where to put new tires if you only purchase two at a time. The best place to put them is in the back. The thought behind this is when you are faced with bad driving conditions the rear wheels will slide more, so having the better tires will allow for more traction. If you lose traction in the rear, the car will spin, so when you get two new tires have them placed in the back.

Matching Tires All Around

If you can afford to do so, replacing all your tires at the same time is the optimal choice. When you purchase tires using the same one at all four corners makes a massive difference on how a car will handle the road. Applying this same tip when you need to purchase one tire can also help. If for instance, you have a tire blow out, get the same tire if possible. It will ensure the tread is matching giving you the best traction results.

Get An Alignment When You Replace All 4 Tires

It may or may not seem like a natural tip to follow. You’d be astonished as to how many people opt out of having an alignment done when they get new tires put on. A wheel alignment will help to prevent uneven tire wear, and the need for tire replacement prematurely. A wheel alignment is just good tire maintenance service you should do, especially when installing a pair or all four tires.

Tire Pressure Is Important

Checking your tire pressure is quick and simple to do. The only tool you will need is a tire gauge. Make sure that each tire has the same amount of pressure. Consistent tire pressure all the way around improves drivability and can help to improve fuel economy. If you have to add air frequently, you might have a slow leak that will require a tire repair such as a plug.


Following these simple tips will help to get the most out of your tires, and improve a vehicles performance and handling. Inspecting your tires is a quick and easy way to stop potential accidents from happening such as a blowout or loss of control in bad weather conditions due to lousy traction.

Importance Of Wheel Alignment

If you have ever driven a car that didn’t have proper wheel alignment, then you are familiar with the symptoms that make driving not as enjoyable. Many bonuses can come from keeping your vehicle’s alignment straight. Let’s take a look at the four compelling reasons why you need to have an arrangement done. The best part, some of these will save you money!

Improve Fuel Economy

A noticeable advantage when you have a wheel alignment service done is vehicle fuel usage improves significantly. Many drivers are unaware that their wheel alignment can, in fact, have some bearing on their overall fuel economy. When a tire isn’t traveling in a straight line, there will be more resistance. It is called rolling tire resistance. When your tire alignment is off the engine will have to work harder. The higher the strength, the more an engine will need ample fuel to overcome the added strain.

Reduce Wear on Suspension Parts

Having improper wheel alignment and balancing can damage your suspension parts. Driving for too long with a lousy adjustment can put a strain on the tie rod ends, ball joints, cv joints, or the wheel bearings. Once you start to hear funny sounds coming from the front end of your car, this is a sure sign that damage has been done, and parts will need to be replaced. By having an alignment done quickly, these suspension parts will be saved from further wear. In turn, this will save you money.

Extend The Life Of Your Tires

While tires do run down over time, with a bad alignment, you can guarantee the replacement of tires will happen much faster. Signs that a wheel alignment is affecting your tires is uneven wear. Whether the wear is on the inside or outside, there will be a noticeable difference in the tread. It is estimated that merely a few thousand miles on a bad tire alignment can take new tires to the point of needing to be replaced. Having an alignment service and balancing service is recommended each time you buy new tires. Prices for tires aren’t cheap, and having to replace them prematurely can become expensive.

Improves Driving Experience

Lastly, the driving experience will improve tremendously. After a car wheel alignment, the steering wheel will be straight, and the car will no longer drive to one side. It makes driving more relaxed, and more enjoyable.


A simple service such as a wheel alignment can save hundred in repairs on a vehicle, and fuel. It is a no-brainer why having one done is essential to the not just your pocketbook but also the ride quality of the car.


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