What Are The Causes Of Brake Failure?

In your vehicle, the brake pedal connects to the pistons, which connects to the brakes themselves. Most recent cars have disc front brakes and drum rear brakes. When your brakes function well, their primary purpose is to stop your vehicle through causing friction. In front brakes, friction will hold the brake calipers and pads. In rear brakes, the friction hits the brake drums and shoes.

What causes brake failure? Several factors interfere with the proper function of your vehicle’s brakes. Grease or oil on your brakes causes lead to failure. This oil will interfere with the friction of your brakes. This issue also means that your vehicle may have an oil leak.

In the warmer months, there is also the possibility of overheating. When brakes overheat to a moderate to a severe level, the metal in the brake rotors or drums will develop. This incident is what are known as hard stops. These are also called hot spots. Hot spots resist the friction from the brake shoes and pads. Because the shoes or pads cannot grab onto anything, there is no friction, and your brakes have failed.

If you tend to brake hard or ‘ride the brake’ as you drive, you can also cause brake failure in your vehicle. It also happens with those who are nervous drivers and are always braking due to their anxiety. These drivers cause premature brake failure due to an issue known as crystallized brake pads or shoes. Production of heat will then occur, caused by repeated overuse. After which, the pads and shoes grow hard. When they become hard, they are going to be ineffective because brake material must be flexible and able to grip the disc or drum to stop the vehicle.

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