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BMW Service Repair in Nevada City, CA

Your BMW in need of a service? Stop by Ryan G. Motorworks nearby Nevada City, CA for the optimal BMW service provision.

If it’s not for our convenient location, then here are a few more valid reasons why you should choose Ryan GMW:

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You’ll Get the Best Auto Mechanics near the Nevada City Area

As certified BMW Master Technician, Ryan Gangemi serves as Nevada City BMW mechanic. There are only a few in the area, and it is a unique title to carry. He is not only a BMW mechanic, but also has considerable knowledge and experience working on Audis, Mercedes, Mini Coopers, and Porsches. BMW will always be his passion though.

No matter what services you may require him to do for your BMW, Ryan is an expert on all things BMW. His work includes belts, brakes, cooling system repairs, and aftermarket warranty jobs. If you are searching for a BMW mechanic Nevada City has Ryan Gangemi, and his specialty for 30k, 60k, and 90k servicing is unmatched in the area. If need be, he also has an advisory service before having to commit to purchasing.

Ryan GMW's shop is larger than most in the Nevada City area, with a massive 9,000 square feet store. It is in addition to seven lifts, and most any tool that would be needed, work gets done at a higher quality and quicker. High-end dealerships have nothing on Ryan GMW, except for maybe the higher cost of repairs. We take pride in our shop and the work that we do and stand behind each and every service we perform.

Ryan GMW Nevada City BMW Mechanics
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All the BMW Essentials are Provided

You’ll avoid major problems in future by having your vehicle checked on a regular basis by experienced and knowledgeable mechanics. Through early detection and servicing, you can avoid a breakdown and the costs involved in lengthy repairs. With our 30k, 60k, and 90k services, your auto will receive a thorough inspection, whereby the key focus is on the following aspects:

  • Cleaning Of The Fuel Injection Nozzle. If your auto’s fuel injection nozzle is clogged, you’ll have to pay for more gas.
  • Maintenance Of The Air Filter. New and clean air filters always outperform older, dirtier ones.
  • Fresh Oil. With fresh oil, your car’s engine performance is enhanced, providing you with a smoother ride and reducing any emissions.

We’ll also check over your auto’s brakes, the transmission, and the entire engine. At the 90k mileage mark, we change over the spark plugs and we’ll check the differential fluids and the transmission. These services will help to keep your vehicle running more smoothly.

Essential BMW Service Nevada City CA
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There’s Never Any Unnecessary Repairs Made at Ryan’s

At Ryan GMW, we understand that the customer is always the number one priority, and through our customer reviews, it’s easy to see that we do indeed value all of our clients. If you were to check out Yelp, Google, and RepairPal, you’d see that we have five star ratings every time. By all means have a read through some of the testimonials on our website, and you’ll soon get a sense of the quality of our mechanics and our shop.

If your auto does not need a repair, we most certainly will not carry any repairs out. Furthermore, for repairs we do make to your car, we’ll make sure that you understand what is is that we are doing and why it is that we are doing it.

At Ryan GMW No Unnecessary BMW Repairs In Nevada City
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Scheduling Made Easy

You can use our website to schedule maintenance appointments. Simply make a selection of the type of service you require – the available choices include vehicle inspections, brake service, or oil changes.

A calendar will appear on the screen and you can then make a selection of date and time to suit your needs.

Easy Scheduling On Nevada City BMW Service
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Waiting is a Pleasant Experience at Ryan GMW nearby Nevada City, CA

In general, prescheduled routine maintenance appointments take around an hour. For a more extensive service, we’ll provide you with an estimate of the time required.

In our comfortable waiting room, you’ll find coffee and water dispensing machines, a flat-screen TV, a beverage center, and our Wi-Fi is FREE to use.

If you need to get back home or back to the office while we carry out a service on your car, we’ll be happy to take you there. It’s free of charge, providing your desired location is within a 15-mile radius of our shop.

At Ryan GMW BMW Repair Shop Nevada City, We Make Waiting Easy

“Couple of weeks ago, I went to Ryan’s near Nevada City. My Mercedes SLK was due for a 60k service. The staff were all friendly, while the mechanic who carried out the work told me precisely what he was going to do and why he was going to do it. Though this was my first visit to Ryan’s, I immediately felt confident my car was in very good hands. No doubt about it, I can provide Ryan GMW with the highest of recommendations.”

Vivian Cattel

For a limited time, Ryan is offering a FREE INSPECTION for new customers.
Call him at (530) 305-2499 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or use the online appointment tool to schedule your free inspection.