How Often Should Car Brakes Be Serviced?

Your vehicle’s braking system is one of the essential methods in your car. It is highly needed to stop, when you need to, whether it be deer darting out into the road, or someone stops short in front of you. However, brakes aren’t meant to last forever and often need repairs, maintenance, and attention every so often.

While cars now have many options for what materials you would like to use for the pads, it wasn’t always that way. Now with the availability of organic, metallic, and semi-metallic, drivers have the option to go longer between brake services.

There are two trains of thought about how long you should go before getting your pads replaced. The first is to wait until there is a reason to change them. For most, this is waiting until they start to hear the notorious grinding, high pitched noises that happen as they brake. Others will change their brakes according to what the vehicle manufacturer suggests or the part manufacturer from the last time they had brakes done. The standard time you should go between brake services is actually every 50,000 miles. However, things like how you drive, stop, and what type of pads you use will play a role. Some drivers have to change their pads every 25,000 miles while others can get an astounding 75,000 before a change.

The great thing about brake pads is that the noise they make when they wear down is a built-in indicator. The sound is alerting the driver; it is time to change the pads. It won’t hurt the vehicle to drive while the brakes make this sound, but you shouldn’t put off having repairs done. The longer you go on worn-out brake pads, the more likely you will burn up the rotors and cause them to warp.

BMW Brake Disc

Car Brake Maintenance

When it comes to maintaining your braking system, there isn’t much you need to do, other than replacing the parts as they wear down. However, there is one crucial maintenance item you can keep an eye on periodically, and that is maintaining the correct brake fluid levels. The braking system is dependant on the right level of brake fluid. Not enough fluid could cause the vehicle’s calipers to no compress on the pads, leaving your car unable to stop. Most mechanics recommend looking at the levels at the same time you monitor the engine oil levels. Get in the habit of checking both of these every other time you fill-up the tank.

Brake Repairs

Brake repairs are somewhat straightforward. When something brakes on the system, most of the time replacing the part is the right, and most economical choice, depending on the vehicle make and model. However, items like calipers can get expensive. In these cases, if repairs are possible, it may be worth the money to repair versus trying to replace. Your auto technician will typically walk you through, which is the best course of treatment given your budget and overall goal for a long-term fix.

Brake Service Cost – What To Expect

If you have to take your car into the shop for brake service, one of the biggest concerns you might have is the bill. It’s no secret that some auto repair expenses can reach outstanding figures. Thankfully, brake services are as costly as you might think, especially if you get to it early enough.

The most common service performed on brakes is changing the pads. A simple pad change can cost between $150-300 per axle. However, if you let the pads go on too long, and injury the rotors the price will increase due to added labor and additional charges for the new rotors and pads.


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What To Expect From A Mercedes Mechanic?

Modern vehicles are far more superior to their older counterparts, and you don’t have to worry about tune-ups and repairs as much. However, they have also become much more complicated and, as it stands, the issues have also evolved quite a lot.

Finding the right Roseville Mercedes mechanic is one thing but being aware of what he can do for you is something entirely different.

With this said, we’ve prepared a few tips on the matter and, hopefully, after going through, you’d know what to expect.


Tune-ups is what you look for when your vehicle doesn’t perform as intended or as you want it to. There are certain engine parts that you can replace to improve its performance. Your Mercedes is a combination of particularly complex electrical and mechanical components, and each one of them has its purpose. Touching a few ones here and there might boost your car’s performance.

A Mercedes repair in Roseville, however, might include a lot more than just tuning up your vehicle.

Engine Repairs

Engine repairs are critical for your vehicle. You need to make sure that they are carried out quickly and professionally to guarantee that everything is handled correctly and that your car is in excellent condition. The one thing that you don’t want to mess up with is your engine.

Steering System Repairs

Wheel alignment repair is necessary when your wheels do not respond appropriately to the commands of the wheel or when they are merely misaligned. It is something quite extraordinary. Another thing in this particular department is the power steering service.


Your brakes are what is keeping you and your family perfectly safe. Mercedes brake parts and repairs tend to be quite expensive. However, it is particularly important to ensure that they are in top condition. Mercedes, as a rule, is a relatively costly brand to maintain due to its exclusivity. However, they are also amongst the top-quality brands where you don’t expect common issues to take place that often.

Now, these are some of the shared services that you would be able to expect from professional shops and car repair services. Of course, it is also quite essential to make sure that you are well aware of the venue you are visiting. It is critical to guarantee that everything is taken care of properly so that you can rest assured that you receive the necessary level of professionalism.

Handling your issues is one thing, making sure that they are managed professionally is another. There are plenty of sub-par venues where you would receive lower quality service which is unacceptable. What is more, masking an issue and marking it as resolved when, in fact, it’s not yet touched, is something that you have to be aware of. Make sure to examine the venue that you visit in advance to guarantee that there are no unexpected turns of events and that everything is handled correctly.

6 Factors That Affect How Long The Brake Pads Last

Brake pads are one of the primary and most known components of the braking system of your car. They are one of the least expensive parts to have changed and a super important for your safety. To keep your brake pads lasting longer below are six factors that can make an impact on how long your pads will last.

Brake Pad Material

Brake pads come in a few options including:

• Metallic
• Semi Metallic
• Organic
• Synthetic (Ceramic)

While each one of these will work on any vehicle, you get what you pay for. The least expensive options are metallic and semi metallic. With the advances in brakes and difference in cost, metallic brakes have become almost obsolete. For the longest lasting option on the market, ceramic is the best choice.

How You Use The Brakes

If you are a ride the break type of driver, you will obviously notice that you have to replace brake pads much more frequently. One of the best practices you can do is coast and maintain a distance. Coasting will allow you to maintain speed, which is nice for MPG’s, but it will also help with the longevity of your brakes.

A Caliper Malfunction

If a caliper is stuck, a brake pad will constantly be rubbing the rotor. It will in turn run down a brake pad very quickly. It can also affect the rotors as well. If you are having a burning smell coming from your brakes, it is entirely possible that a stuck caliper is causing a problem, and will end up needing replacement as well as brake pad replacements. This issue will keep occurring if the caliper problem is not corrected.

Manual vs. Automatics, The Usage Difference

Manual drivers will drive much differently than those who have an automatic. This is in large part due to being able to downshift to slow a vehicle. This is called engine braking. Automatics don’t have this same luxury and require using the brakes any time they need to slow down or stop. In general, if a person is a good at driving a manual, they potentially can see brake pads last much longer than that of an automatic vehicle.

Putting New Brake Pads on Bad Rotors

As fascinating as it may be to just put new brake pads on when they need to be changed. If you are told that your rotors need a replacement, it is an expense you should have done. A warped or worn out rotor can wear down brake pads quickly. So while you think you are saving money just replacing the pads, it will cost you more, because the brake pads are going to need to be changed much sooner. In addition to brake pad wear, a warped or worn rotor can also affect your stopping ability.

Trigger Happy on the Brake Pedal

Often when people are driving along, the person in front of them will apply their brake. For some reason or another, an instant thought of having to use the brake hits. Even if it is not necessary to do so, some people’s reaction is just to do what the person ahead of them does. Instead, as you are driving, maintain a healthy distance between you and the car in front, and only brake when you need to, and not just because you are following the leader.

Changing the Brake Fluid

One of the least thought of things that can affect your brake pads is the brake fluid. To help your pads last longer, it is a very good idea to have your brake fluid bled and flushed. Especially if you have an older vehicle, it can help with keeping the components of your braking system healthy.