Different Types Of Tire Repairs

When it comes to your vehicle, the tires are one of the essential features. When they are new, you’ll notice that the driving experience is slightly enhanced. Likewise, when they are low on air or going bald, your vehicle might vibrate or not have as good of traction as it would with newer tires.

Different Types Of Tire Repairs

Car Tires

When it comes to taking care of your tires, accidents can happen that can cause your tires damage. When damage occurs, the tire will deflate, and as such, will create unsafe driving experiences. The most common issue for tires is getting a nail in them. In this situation, the nail is almost always still left in the tire and will need to be removed. But this isn’t always the case, and a hole can be created, making a slow leak.

A slow leak is repairable. You may notice that the tire will stay aired up for a few days, but start to go flat after sitting overnight. Punctures in the tire are repairable; however, if the damage is to the sidewall or in the shoulder, these are not advised to repair as it will affect reliability and safety. BMW tire repair should always be done in the best interest of the driver and passengers. If the repair is unsafe, it shouldn’t be done. The industry has set allowances that should be observed at all times.

The Patch

The most common and best-known repair is a patch. These are used when an object has pierced the outer tire liner, and loss of air pressure occurs. A technician will need to take the tire off the wheel to examine both inside and outside of the tire. When a puncture happens, it isn’t the damage to the rubber that is the top concern. It is the damage to the cords running through the tire. You could keep putting air in the tire and driving, but the wires will start to separate more, and water will enter the tire, eroding it from the inside out.

To prepare the area for being patched, the technician will inspect where the puncture is, the only place a repair can be made is the crown of the tire, which is essentially the center of the tire tread. The hole will need to be drilled, then filled, then a patch on the inside applied. There are situations where a tire repair is not advised on the crown, and that is when there are multiple injuries overlapping or side by side.


Cans of tire repair contain a sealant to stop the leak and air to help blow the tire up. This takes time to cure and plug a hole to help the tire stop losing air. While these work for a short term fix, they should not be depended on for the long term. The spray-in sealant won’t help stop progressive damage that can happen with the cords of the tire, and you also may not know where the damage to the tire is, which could cause unsafe driving conditions.

Tire Plug

A cheap method for fixing a tire is a piece of rubber you shove into the puncture and a sealer that expands. This method gives false hope and is not advised by most mechanics. Again this is okay for short term use to get home, but you should seek a proper repair.

What To Know About Tire Shopping For A BMW

BMW Tires

BMW car tires are going to be different than the X5 model, simply because they are two different types of vehicles, one is an SUV, and the other is a car. The tire size will also vary in the kind of wheel you have and what you are hoping to achieve as far as the ride quality. Low profile tires will enhance the look of your vehicle, but won’t offer the same ride quality as the standard all-seasons tired that is preferred for most models.

What’s also different about shopping for tires is that there is such a thing as “BMW approved tires.” When shopping for tires, you can purchase tires made specifically for your BMW straight from the auto manufacturer. These were designed with your specific model in mind, and are made by the top brands in the industry like Pirelli, Michelin, and Goodyear. The top replacement tires currently are:

  • Continental ContiProContact
  • Goodyear Eagle LS-2 ROF
  • Pirelli Cinturato P7 A/S
  • Bridgestone Dueler H/L 400 RFT

When it comes to tire repairs, patches are the most common and safest option. Stay away from tire plugs and tire fix in a can. You should note that not all damage to a tire can be repaired, and when it’s time to replace, you should use BMW approved tires for the best driving experience. If you are unsure about what tire size, type, or brand you should be using, Ryan G. Motorsports is here to help.


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