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Mini Cooper

This car was here for an engine noise. The N14 engine in late model Mini Coopers is subject to timing chain stretch, which in turn causes a rattle noise. There is an updated timing chain setup with new guide rails that fixed these noises. The job requires special tools and many hours to correct, but needs to be addressed before the engine skips timing and then doesn’t run. Total cost on the job is roughly $1,400, and seems to be needed on most late model mini’s at some point in their lifespan. Don’t let your mini lose an engine over a simple fix! Swing it by anytime and we can listen to it to verify what is going on. Advice is free so swing by and chat about your mini with us!

Latest E30 S52 Project Car

BMW view of the front closeup

This is a 1990 BMW 325iS that belongs to a great customer of ours. We swapped in a ’98 M3 S52 motor complete with OBD1 conversion, Underdrive pulleys, Bigger injectors with euro HFM with Custom Software, Stromung Muffler, 5 speed M3 ZF Gearbox, 3.25LSD rear end, Ground Control Coilovers, and updated the interior. This car is a sleeper! This engine combo has been known to put out around 220rwhp and in an E30 that makes for a very fast and enjoyable car, with turn key reliability as well. The car is still a work in progress but is coming along nicely, and now has an ice cold A/C for the summer months. Paint and Body were done by TNT in Sacramento with the factory calipso color being retained. The car has euro trim, shaved door locks, and no badges. Give us a call if you are interested in getting an engine swap performed on your car! We will give you honest pricing and help you budget your money to get the job done right.

Our Latest Project…

Here is a ’72 BMW 2002tii. An early example of the fuel injected car that captured many peoples hearts. I bought this example from the original owner, right here in Sacramento. We rebuilt the motor, installed new brakes and tuned her up. Once all was sorted, I decided to sell the car, and made the new owner very happy that I did! The car is as original as you could hope to find these days, with the interior just as it was, the paint still shining and even tires that were over 30 years old!

N52/N54 Belt Tensioner

BMW N52/N52K/N54 engines are the ’06-’13 BMW 6 cylinder. They all suffer from a weak belt tensioner that has a tendency to get tilted with age which can cause the belt to fall off resulting in a loss of power steering, alternator and air conditioning functions. This is a diagram showing the tensioner in relation to the rest of the belt system. The tensioner is number 1 in the diagram:

These tensioners fail and will put the belt out of alignment in relation to the other accessories. Misalignment of the belt can cause premature wear and even failure of the belt completely. If the belt fails the vehicle will lose electrical output from the alternator and the vehicle’s engine will die once the battery’s engine is depleted. This can leave you stranded on the side of the road in a worse case scenario. Our customer Bridget A. had such a failing tensioner, pictured below:

You can see in this picture that the ribbed portion of the belt is about 3 millimeters out of alignment from the smooth portion of the belt. This is a tensioner that is failing. Luckily for Bridget we caught it while we changed her oil before it caused her an issue. Pictured below is the tensioner after it has been replaced with a new unit and a new belt:

Now the only visible part of the tensioner is the very end of the pulley. All is well! The total cost of this repair was about 350 dollars but Bridget is back on the road worry free. This is just one of the issues we can uncover during our free inspections. Schedule one today!

The Value Of Professionalism

Here at Ryan G. Motorworks we have many vehicles come in that have been worked on at other shops, vehicles the customer has worked on themselves, or customers that state their “friend” worked on the vehicle. Often times we end up correcting these “repairs”. Here is a collection of images from vehicles we’ve seen.

This is an aftermarket polyurethane control arm bushing that had been installed by another shop. The bushing was installed backwards and had worked its way out of the control arm bushing bracket. This caused dangerous dynamic changes in suspension geometry which could have resulted in damage to the vehicle or even personal injury. Luckily, we were able to correct the issue before the unthinkable happened and the customer only had to pay for the labor to repair it.

This customer had a friend of his perform a brake pad installation on his vehicle. Not only is the rear anti rattle spring clip missing but the pad was also installed INSIDE OUT. This means the pad material that is designed to slow down the vehicle is facing the outside while the hard outer backing plate of the pad is against the rotor. We were able to fix this issue for the customer after he brought it in with a complaint of noise coming from the rear. Unfortunately, we were not able to save the brake pad and therefore had to do the job over again.

This is a customer that had just purchased a vehicle from a used car lot and complained of a burning smell. During inspection of the vehicle we found gray silicone (a popular silicone sealant in the automotive industry) around the outside of the valve cover and an oil leak from the valve cover dripping onto the exhaust. We informed the customer of this and moved forward by removing the valve cover to inspect the gasket below. What you see above is what we found. The dealership had taken the time to remove the valve cover, reseal the used gasket with silicone and reinstall the valve cover. Unfortunately for the customer this job had been done incorrectly and had warped the engine’s plastic valve cover. This meant the valve cover in its entirety had to be replaced. Instead of a simple 250 dollar fix the cost was over 600 dollars to repair.

These three examples are proof that a bad mechanic will end up being much more expensive than a good one in the long run. We offer a 1 year, 12,000 mile warranty on every job we perform. Save yourself the hassle of doing a job twice, or paying more after a botched repair by coming to us in the first place. Call today to schedule an appointment.


With our newly installed Hunter DSP600 alignment machine, Ryan GMW can perform any sort of alignment your vehicle needs. Our factory trained and certified alignment technicians go the extra mile and use over 400 lbs of weights in your vehicle during the alignment process.

This additional weight in the vehicle during the alignment process is important because it lets our technicians align the vehicle as if the owner were sitting in it. Without these weights, the vehicle would have a perfect alignment when parked and an incorrect alignment as soon as the driver sits down. This is not ideal for the ultimate driving machine.

Our alignments provide better tire wear and the best possible handling that your fine German automobile can provide.

We also offer performance and custom alignments. If you driving only twisting and turning mountain back roads with tires that are stickier than the factory recommended brand and you’re looking for that last bit of performance to really take your vehicle over the top, our performance alignments may be for you.

We can align your vehicle to YOUR custom specifications as well. We have experience with both autocross and road race vehicles and can help maximize your performance at your next event. Call us for an appointment today!

Half Off Oil Changes!

We’re happy to annouce that, from now on, customers with our Ryan G. Motorworks license plate frames installed on their vehicle will receive special 50% discounted oil changes. We appreciate our loyal customers and would like to rewards all of you with our plate frames for being so awesome!

Call today to schedule your appointment!

Meet The Staff: Ryan Gangemi

Ryan is the owner and founder of Ryan G Motorworks. He lives in Auburn with his wife and their four children. Ryan has been a BMW Master Technician for over 7 years and has specialized in working on BMW and MINI vehicles for over 12. His pride and joy is his 1988 BMW M3 that has been extremely modified to fit his tastes. You can read about it more here

Ryan has owned a variety of BMWs and MINIs and currently drives a 2007 BMW 335i. Ryan has a wealth of knowledge due to his past experiences with BMWs and MINIs and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Ryan would like to start selling used cars as a business within the next 6-12 months.

Meet The Staff: John Lippold

John Lippold

John is a technician here at Ryan G Motorworks. He’s an ASE certified master technician with background in all different brands of automobiles. He’s been in the automotive industry for over 30 years. John has experience in every facet of the automotive service industry, from technician to service writer. John has an excellent understanding of Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, BMW and MINI vehicles.

John lives in Applegate with his wife and 3 children. When not wrenching on customer’s vehicles, John is a part time firefighter and fleet mechanic with Placer Hills Fire. John also enjoys spending time on his boat fishing.