How To Prevent Car Battery Drain?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if your vehicle didn’t have a battery? Probably not. Most everyone knows that the battery is the start of everything your car does. It allows accessory features to work, including your radio and lights. It is also responsible for giving your ignition system enough juice to fire the motor. Without a fully operational battery, you can’t do anything with your vehicle. In some rare cases, those that are equipped with fully electronic doors and locks, you might not be able to enter the car.

It is essential to know how to keep your battery working as it should. A battery that holds a charge will continue to start, run, and charge effectively so that no matter when you turn the key, everything works as it should. Take a look at these top four ways you can prevent your car battery from draining, when not in use.

Car Battery

  • Keep Vehicle Cool

Batteries don’t respond very well to the heat. A car that gets toasty frequently will have more of a chance of a dead battery problem. Stay alert as to where you park your vehicle. If outside, try parking under a shaded area. This is an excellent tip, especially for those that park their cars outside every night. If possible, use a garage, and avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

  • Turn Off Accessories While Car Is Not Running

Do you like sitting in your car listening to music? Do you also leave the car off, and simply run on the accessory mode? Nothing will drain your car battery down faster than using the accessories while the car is not turned on. Instead, you may want to rethink using the car audio system while not turned on.

  • Keep Battery Clean

A great tip for preventing your car battery from draining is to keep the terminals clean. Some shops will offer car battery services, including terminal cleanings. This eliminates any corrosion on the battery, the terminals, and the posts. Periodically check your vehicle’s battery for signs of leakage, including bloating or misshapen boxes. While some corrosive material is normal, especially in older cells, having a massive amount caked on is not.

You should also clean the battery and posts if you notice dirt and grime accumulating. The more debris that stands between the terminal posts and the wires, the worst the connection can be.

  • Increase Drive Time

One wouldn’t think that driving your car more would be the solution to preventing a drained battery, but it could be. The alternator recharges the battery. The more revolutions the engine produces, the faster the alternator spins. This makes the alternator more capable of recharging the battery. Longer drives can help to recharge the battery if the alternator is working as it should.

Is There Car Battery Repair

Have you been wondering how to repair a car battery? Are there any car battery repair services available? Depending on the status of the car battery, there may be repair options available. In most cases, it is more effective to recycle the old battery and install a new one. One of the few repair services available is refilling the battery with acid. This is often more affordable than replacement.

When the shell of the battery is broken or splits, these situations always require a replacement battery to correct. On average, most vehicles can use their batteries from 5 to ten years before having to replace them.

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