When You Shouldn’t Try DIY BMW Repairs?

Everyone loves to save money where they can. One way to do this is taking on do it yourself projects. Do it yourself repairs is excellent for mechanically inclined people that can usually figure things out. There are, however, times when a DIY project can get you in over your head. When it comes to BMW’s, there are a few repairs that a person can do if they are up for the challenge. Then again some repairs are really best left to a professional. If you have any of these issues with your BMW, then BMW repair shop Roseville, Ryan GMW can help.

Replacing a Blown Head Gaskets

The dreaded blown head gasket. This particular repair, if you Youtube it, can seem like a breeze. It isn’t. To get to the head gasket, much of what’s under your hood will need to come out. That is plenty of bolts and accessories. If you lose anything, it can put the whole project at risk. The problem with replacing your head gasket, besides the difficulty level, is the problem might be more severe than the head gasket itself. Even if the head gasket has blown, the cylinder head might require resurfacing because of warpage. Drop by at Ryan GMW and we’ll assess your BMW if you will need to have more than just the gasket replaced to run correctly.

Repair, Replacing or Rebuilding a Transmission

Transmissions are the trickiest parts of any vehicle. In a BMW this is especially true. Transmissions are known to be complicated if you are thinking about tackling this job, don’t. A professional automotive technician is more qualified to perform repairs or rebuilds. The transmission is mounted to the engine no matter if it’s a front wheel, all wheel or rear wheel drive. To remove it, you have to separate the two. Disconnecting the two might not seem like an impossible feat, but mating them back together is a real pain. Just ask any mechanic. When it comes to anything with a transmission, this is one part of the BMW you don’t want to try and repair.

Replacing Suspension Parts

Removing and replacing parts might seem like a simple do it yourself job, but in the case of suspension parts, it can become challenging and time-consuming. Often these pieces are stuck on there, really stuck on there. They can also require specialty tools to perform the task at hand. These can be done by a do it yourself, but it is most certainly easier to have a trained professional handle them. Replacing some suspension parts might also require a wheel alignment. These are typically done with machines at a shop to ensure everything is aligned the way it should be.


There are videos out there that show how to do a wheel alignment at home. While this might seem like a great way to save a few dollars, adjustments made by measuring and eyeballing if things look straight, isn’t as exact as a machine. Therefore the results aren’t going to be the same. There is also the possibility of throwing the alignment off more if done incorrectly. If your steering wheel is crooked and your car is drifting left or right, bring it into a shop for a professional wheel alignment.

Importance Of Wheel Alignment

If you have ever driven a car that didn’t have proper wheel alignment, then you are familiar with the symptoms that make driving not as enjoyable. Many bonuses can come from keeping your vehicle’s alignment straight. Let’s take a look at the four compelling reasons why you need to have an arrangement done. The best part, some of these will save you money!

Improve Fuel Economy

A noticeable advantage when you have a wheel alignment service done is vehicle fuel usage improves significantly. Many drivers are unaware that their wheel alignment can, in fact, have some bearing on their overall fuel economy. When a tire isn’t traveling in a straight line, there will be more resistance. It is called rolling tire resistance. When your tire alignment is off the engine will have to work harder. The higher the strength, the more an engine will need ample fuel to overcome the added strain.

Reduce Wear on Suspension Parts

Having improper wheel alignment and balancing can damage your suspension parts. Driving for too long with a lousy adjustment can put a strain on the tie rod ends, ball joints, cv joints, or the wheel bearings. Once you start to hear funny sounds coming from the front end of your car, this is a sure sign that damage has been done, and parts will need to be replaced. By having an alignment done quickly, these suspension parts will be saved from further wear. In turn, this will save you money.

Extend The Life Of Your Tires

While tires do run down over time, with a bad alignment, you can guarantee the replacement of tires will happen much faster. Signs that a wheel alignment is affecting your tires is uneven wear. Whether the wear is on the inside or outside, there will be a noticeable difference in the tread. It is estimated that merely a few thousand miles on a bad tire alignment can take new tires to the point of needing to be replaced. Having an alignment service and balancing service is recommended each time you buy new tires. Prices for tires aren’t cheap, and having to replace them prematurely can become expensive.

Improves Driving Experience

Lastly, the driving experience will improve tremendously. After a car wheel alignment, the steering wheel will be straight, and the car will no longer drive to one side. It makes driving more relaxed, and more enjoyable.


A simple service such as a wheel alignment can save hundred in repairs on a vehicle, and fuel. It is a no-brainer why having one done is essential to the not just your pocketbook but also the ride quality of the car.


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