Direct Injection Cleaning

If your 06 and newer BMW or MINI is feeling sluggish, not getting the miles per gallon you’re used to or is illuminating the check engine light; bring it down to us. Your vehicle’s cylinder head could have carbon build up in it’s intake ports, causing a reduced amount of air to flow through the cylinder head into your engine’s combustion chamber. As the engine’s computer tries to compensate for the lack of air flowing through the cylinder head it can cause the check engine light to be illuminated and can even put the vehicle into “limp home” mode. This build up is caused by the direct injection system injecting fuel directly into the combustion chamber. Traditional fuel injection inject fuel into the intake tract where it washes over intake valves and cleans carbon. Direct injection is more efficient and more powerful than traditional fuel injection, but it does need service from time to time.

Direct Injection port cleaning using our factory BMW/MINI tool will take care of the build up of carbon that can cause these issues. Media blasting on both BMW 6 cylinders and MINI 4 cylinders is 499.99 and will help your engine run better, smoother, and more efficiently. Call us today to schedule an appointment!