Essential Service Tips For Your Mercedes Benz

Saving money and being price conscience is at the forefront of many of our minds. It is essential to keep our vehicles up and running correctly. So when you blend these two concepts together, it’s likely you may have thought about doing some simple repairs or services to your Mercedes Benz. Is DIY service and repair the best idea though? In most cases, having your Mercedes service Rocklin, CA done by a professional is the best route. However, there are a few tips for in between services that can help prolong the time in which you need to visit the automotive shop.

Air Filter Replacement

Replacing your air filter isn’t as hard as it might seem. The air filter on your Mercedes Benz, like other cars, is located under the hood. It usually resides in an air box that is clamped closed. Replacing the filter requires minimal tools if any, and a replacement air filter. A clogged or dirty air filter can negatively affect the performance of your vehicle. You can check the filter yourself or have Folsom Mercedes service automotive shop handle the filter replacement.

If you have noticed poor fuel economy, or your Mercedes has become a little sluggish, chances are it could need an air filter replacement or cleaning.

Check the Oil

The engines life depends on the oil inside. Running a vehicle with too much or too little can harm the internal components. Between oil changes, it is a great idea to check the fluids for proper level. Most Mercedes Benz has the dipstick handle labeled with a symbol or says oil on them for easier identification. *Tip* When checking your oil, some dots or lines indicate where the oil should be. It’s crucial only to add the specified oil your manufacturer recommends for the life of your engine.

Check the Tire Pressure

Vehicle accidents occur all the time, and often it can be due to underinflated/ overinflated tires. Periodically, you should check the pressure of each tire to ensure they have the right amount. Commonly, there’s debate about how often you should test, but it’s a simple procedure that is well worth the 5 minutes it takes to do. *Tip* All tires should have the same amount of pressure. The amount they should contain or their max level will be on the tire itself. Don’t overinflate!

If something in your Mercedes doesn’t feel right or you have a concern, it’s an excellent idea to have it looked at. Mercedes repair Roseville shop Ryan GMW can put your mind at ease. We service all classes of Mercedes Benz as well as BMW, Audi, Mini Cooper, Porsche, and Ferrari.