How Important Are 30k-60k-90k Services?

It is important to get your car serviced frequently. Proper servicing is important for increasing the life of your car. Frequent oil changes, checking filters, lights, belts, hoses, and all the odds and ends. 30K-60K-90K services involve all of those things and more.

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30K-60K-90K Services

Services include:

  • Oil change service¬†– Oil change services are critical for the life of your engine. Oil is the life of your engine; it lubricates the moving parts. Without oil, your vehicle would not perform. At least not for very long.
  • Inspection and/or replacement of filters (air, cabin, fuel, etc.)- According to studies, changing the various filters in your vehicle increase the performance of your vehicle.
  • Tire inspection, pressure check – It’s quite obvious why this is important. Having the right amount of air in your tires is extremely important for keeping your vehicle on the road and avoiding causing damage to other parts of your vehicle. They also inspect the tread to ensure that it is still safe to drive on and will inform you how much longer your tires have left to live.
  • Inspection of brakes and rotors – A thorough inspection of your brakes and rotors are important because without the brakes, your vehicle would be a fast moving machine with almost no way to stop it.
  • Check all lights, belts, and hoses – Ensuring that all your lights are important for keeping you and other drivers safe on the road. Belts need to be replaced so that they do not break on you while you are going down the road and for other important things that keep your car moving. If you have a leak in a hose it can seriously cause a lot of problems.
  • Inspection of drive train
  • Inspection of fuel system and fuel injector cleaning service¬†– Mechanic will clean the injector, the fuel lines and the gas pump with a cleaner and starts the engine cleaning process. The mechanic will will apply another cleaner to the engine directly while it is warm. This cleaner will help remove carbon deposits and other buildup from the combustion chambers. The mechanic then cleans the air intake by hand with a different cleaner, using a bottle brush to remove any deposits that may disturb the air flow.
  • Vehicle road test
  • At higher mileages, an inspection of your spark plugs and timing belt, transmission and differential fluid check.

While many manufacturers have no recommendations for changing your transmission and differential fluid check, but having them checked could help avoid future problems. It is recommended to have your vehicle serviced before any long trip to ensure that you don’t end up stranded miles away from home. Having these components inspected and serviced by a professional is important for ensuring that your vehicle has optimum life.