How An Inspection Service Helps Improve Car Performance?

Have you ever wondered why your car isn’t acting the way it used to? Maybe it has been a little sluggish lately or even started making unusual sounds. One way that you can quickly determine what the problem is can be to have an inspection service done. An inspection service will be able to pinpoint any questions you might be experiencing. It might range from anything like a car needing a tune-up, to a more extensive problem.

There are a few different inspections you can have done at your automotive shop. The first being a simple tire inspection. If your tires are going wrong or wearing unevenly, they will not be able to hold power to the ground like newer tires. It can also tell you if you are having suspension and steering component issues. A tire inspection will only take a few minutes, but it will provide much-needed knowledge about how your car is performing in regards to suspension and steering.

The next type of inspection you can have done encompasses your engine and how well it is functioning. Many automotive shops will give this a name like a 47 point inspection, or something similar. Most of the time people will have this service done when something isn’t going right and want just to know what the problem is. This service might include checking your vehicles ECU for issues, or accessible parts of your engine compartment. If you’ll get to find something during this inspection, it is a good idea to have parts replaced. It will improve your car’s performance drastically. If you have a misfire, for instance, it reduces the power output your vehicle can make. Usually, the problem is as simple as having a tune up done.

Another type of inspection service an automotive shop can perform is an emissions test. These are typically done when you are needing to renew your plates or getting your vehicle licensed. However, it can be done at other times and will give some clues as to what is going on with your emissions system and performance issues. It there is a clogged Catalytic Converter, for instance, your car will experience a significant loss in power or even start to sputter at idle. Quickly correcting an issue here will get your car back to feeling like it used to.


There are a few different inspections a technician can do on your car. If he or she finds an issue with any one of the parts, you will be notified. If a problem exists, the sooner you replace or repair the parts that need attention, the sooner your car will be working at it’s best.