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Tire Service & Repair

The front tires on a vehicle that is front wheel drive are responsible for accelerating, steering, and helping stop your vehicle. The front tires tend to wear down a lot faster than the tires located on the rear of the vehicle. It’s typical that the rear wheel tires will last about twice as long as the front wheel tires will. It is recommended that all of the tires should be ideally replaced at the same time. Rotating the tires of your vehicles will help ensure that even wearing occurs across all tires.

When do you rotate your tires?

You should follow the owner’s manual suggestions for your vehicle. You can also rotate them with every other oil change or rotate them every three thousand to seven thousand miles.

Tire Repair

When a tire is improperly repaired it may fail while you are driving at a high speed and cause you to loss control of your vehicle. Flat and/or damaged tires should be repaired by qualified personnel. Just about any sharp object on the road can cause your vehicle to have a flat tire. You should not attempt to repair a flat tire while the tire is still connected to the wheel. You have to inspect the inside of the tire for hidden damage, otherwise you risk further weakening the tire. Punctures that are located within the tread area can damage a greater area of the tire (example: the inner sidewall). If you do not remove the tire it will be harder to see all of the damage that has occurred. Having proper tire repair is crucial. Any puncture or injury that has occurred to a tire will affect its performance.