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Muffler Exhaust Service & Repair

The fact that the exhaust muffler creates a huge difference in your experience with your vehicle can be proved easily. All you have to do is be around a vehicle that doesn’t contain a muffler while it’s running and you will be able to hear the difference between it and a car that contains a muffler. A muffler is a device that is like a silencer. It is used to minimize the amount of noise your exhaust system emits. The muffler was actually designed with the purpose of reducing the amount of exhaust noise by absorbing it.

The catalytic converter is a device that converts toxic exhaust emission gases from an internal auto combustion engine and turns it into non-toxic substances. The catalytic converter is a key component when talking about the need to protect our environment from the harmful effects of greenhouse gases. There is a catalyst located inside the converter itself. This catalyst usually consists of a combination of precious metals. You should be cautious of cheap universal, because in nine out of ten cases, the cheap universal does not consist of proper catalyst precious metal content and thus doesn’t do its job correctly.

The vehicle’s engine will typically make a noise while it is running. This noise can grate on anyone’s nerves, especially if it is heard for an extended lengthy period of time. Mufflers were thus created with the purpose of reducing the noise that the exhaust system produces. Exhaust resonators are kind of like the muffler. They operate to further reduce the noise levels. They do this by creating sound waves that will cancel out the noise emitted from the exhaust. The resonator and the muffler work primarily together in their mission to decrease the amount of noise emitted from your exhaust. Some cars contain an exhaust resonator and others do not. The good news is, if your car doesn’t have an exhaust resonator, one can always be added to the exhaust system if the need arises.