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Car Battery Services

The battery of your vehicle supplies and stores electrical energy obtained from the alternator when the engine of your vehicle is running. The battery of your vehicle provides essential energy that is needed to start the engine. They also supply power to accessories when the engine of your vehicle is not running. Conditions found in the cool winter and the hot summer can wear down the battery of your vehicle.

Auto battery inspections exist so that you can ensure your vehicle’s battery is operating at its best. If you need an auto battery replacement service, there are a wide range of auto batteries that can be offered to ensure the best combination of both longevity and power for your vehicle. You should not wait until the battery has died to have the health of your battery checked out, by then it could be too late.

Choosing The Right Battery

When you have to replace the battery of your vehicle, choosing the right battery for the replacement can be a tricky process. The right auto battery for your vehicle requires it to be the right size, reserve capacity and cold- cranking amps. You should also consider the brand of batter and how long the auto battery itself has been sitting on the shelf of the supplier.

The Do's and Dont's

  • Do's

  • You should keep the battery of your vehicle and the battery case clean at all times. This is because dirt or other deposits can cause the battery terminals to corrode prematurely. You should also make sure that you check the battery cables and ensure that they are firmly attached to the battery terminals. Make sure that you always disconnect the battery’s negative cable first, as well as making sure that it is reattached last. You should change your vehicle’s batteries in a well-ventilated area. This is because the process of charging a vehicle’s batter can release highly flammable hydrogen. The auto batteries of your vehicle should be handled with care. This is because a cracked case can potentially spill harmful chemicals that can cause severe burns or even blindness. You should also dispose of your vehicle’s battery in accordance with both state and local regulations.

  • Dont's

  • Do not wear any jewelry while you are working with your vehicle’s battery. You should not lean over your vehicle’s battery. You should not make a guess as to the type/size on the battery that is needed for your vehicle. Do not attempt to charge a vehicle battery that is frozen. If you do, you can literally cause the battery to explode. You should NEVER disconnect the battery cables while the vehicle is running.

  • The aforementioned tips do not apply to either hybrid or electric vehicles. These tips can help you to extend the life of the battery while at the same time keeping you safe from harm. These tips apply to the traditional under-the-hood batteries found within vehicles.

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