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BMW Repair & Service

Proper repairs for your BMW must be completed by factory-trained technicians, who will also get any repair or service for your BMW done right in the same location. At Ryan G. Motorworks, we will explain the BMW service that our technicians must complete. Our technicians are fully-trained that's why our services cover every need of your vehicle. Because at Ryan GMW, we believe your BMW deserves to be looked after with care and every visit to the shop will restore your BMW back to its brand new condition.

#1: Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance for your BMW is required every few thousand miles. Oil changes and tune-ups must be completed by technicians who understand your vehicle, and our services use genuine parts made for BMW vehicles. Other service companies use parts not fit for your vehicle, but you will receive only the finest OEM parts during each service. Oil filters, the proper oil and proper accessories are used during each service for the health of your car.

#2: Milestone Services

Milestone services for your vehicle must be completed according to the schedule in your owner's manual. The mechanics in our shop know the service schedule for every BMW, and you may bring your vehicle in for the next mileage service, engine flush or transmission service. Milestone services help extend the life of your vehicle, and you may schedule reminders for your vehicle. We will let you know when your vehicle needs to come in for its next service, and you may schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

#3: Genuine Parts

We order genuine OEM parts for every repair or service done on your vehicle, and our drop shipping service brings in the parts during the day. Our service technicians do their best to complete your repairs the same day, and we do not substitute parts during repairs. The BMW you bring into our shop will leave the shop with genuine BMW parts, and we will order special parts from the factory in extreme cases.

#4: Friendly Customer Service

We offer a comfortable waiting area in the office, and you may relax in our air conditioned waiting room while the staff works on your car. We will let you know if you may need to wait for several hours, or you may wait in the waiting room with a book. Our friendly customer service staff are happy to chat with you while you are in the shop, and our mechanics will come visit you during repairs.

#5: Educational Conversation

We do impeccable service on all BMW vehicles, but we do not do any service without speaking to you first. Our goal is to educate every customer on the status of their vehicle, and we want to show you what must be done to your vehicle to return it to its original condition. There are driving techniques you may use to prevent damage to your car, and our professional staff may show you parts of your vehicle that have been damaged.

#6: Visit At Any Time

You are welcome to drive in with your vehicle at any time, and we will help you get your car repaired as quickly as possible. We are happy to fit you in, and a member of our service staff will speak with you if you are in a desperate situation. We cannot guarantee that your car will be repaired immediately, but we can guarantee that you will be served as quickly as possible.

#7: Fair Prices

We are only interested in repairing items that are broken on your vehicle. We recommend services and repairs every day, and you are welcome to take our advice under consideration. Our mechanics do not upsell customers, and we ensure that your services are done as quickly as possible. Your family will save money on repairs to your BMW, and your BMW will be repaired for much less than normal.

The dealership will charge you far too much to repair your vehicle, and the mechanics in the area who do not specialize in BMWs cannot service your car properly. We have created an environment where every BMW can be serviced properly from the 1 Series to the X6. Bring in your BMW today for a service, and we will get to work on your vehicle immediately.

You must have your milestone services done by a professional, and we will change your oil when needed. Major repairs are done for less money in our shop, and we take care of your BMW as if it were our very own.

Ryan G. Motorworks is the #1 choice in terms of BMW repairs and services. We service Auburn and surrounding areas. For inquiries on repairs and services, simply call (530) 305-2499 or schedule an appointment.

BMW Repair and Service