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90K Service

At Ryan G. Motorworks, we work hard to help you to keep your car running its best. Though modern automobiles are built to higher standards and are more dependable than they were in the past, they still need routine maintenance to prevent premature wear and to operate at peak efficiency. In order to make certain that your vehicle is properly maintained, Ryan G. Motorworks provides a 90,000 mile service that includes the following:

Oil Change

An oil change is still the most important maintenance step. While modern oils, particularly synthetics, do a great job of protecting engines from damage, they can still wear out or become contaminated from combustion residue. By keeping oil properly changed according to manufacturer recommendations, a car owner can prevent engine wear and a number of serious repair problems.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

Over time, deposits from gasoline will build up on the fuel injectors and begin to create a clog. This clog can cause a vehicle to lose power, to burn more fuel and can even cause a vehicle to miss and stall. However, a fuel injection treatment can remove any existing deposits and return an engine to peak performance.

Spark Plug Change

As with fuel injectors, spark plugs can build up deposits over time. In addition, spark plugs can wear and the gap where the spark occurs can increase in size. All of these problems can cause an inefficient spark that will not properly burn the fuel in the combustion chamber. Another reason that it is important to check spark plugs at the 90,000 mile mark is that the plug can show signs of problems that the engine may be experiencing such as timing or cooling problems.

Air Filter Check

Engines need a constant supply of fresh air to operate properly. The air that is taken into the engine passes through an air filter that removes particulates from the air. Over time, this filter can become clogged which will restrict air flow, causing an engine to lose efficiency. In fact, clogged air filters are one of the most common causes of increased fuel consumption in automobiles.

Transmission & Differential Fluid Check

Unlike engine oil that is changed on a periodic basis, manufacturers only recommend checking the fluid in transmissions and differentials at long intervals, such as 100,000 miles. In fact, many manufacturers do not have any recommendations for servicing these components. However, a quick check can uncover problems such as low fluid levels, deteriorated fluid or component wear. By having the transmission and differential checked at 90,000 miles, car owners can work to avoid serious problems down the road.

Thorough Inspection

In addition to doing a general maintenance check, Ryan G. Motorworks will also give a vehicle a thorough inspection during a 90,000 mile service. A visual inspection of steering, suspension, exhaust and other major components as well as a check of belts and hoses can uncover many minor problems before they become worse and cause a car owner to become stranded on the side of the road in need of a serious and expensive repair.

If your vehicle is approaching 90K miles, call (530) 305-2499 to make an appointment now at Ryan G. Motorworks and get the professional service that your vehicle needs to keep you on the road.