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60K Service

German automobiles are well-known for their superb driving dynamics. In order for a German car to stay running perfectly, it needs to be properly maintained. Unsurprisingly, maintenance has a direct impact on a vehicle’s performance and long-term reliability. Here is an outline of the maintenance procedures that are included in a 60,000-mile service.

Air Filter

An air filter is a simple component that has a major influence on the performance of a car’s engine. Engineered to work in harmony with the induction system, the air filter has the responsibility of cleaning the air before it enters the combustion chamber. While most air filters are designed to last for thousands of miles, they will eventually become saturated with dirt and debris. Changing the air filter at the recommended interval will definitely help the engine to work as efficiently as possible.

Oil Change

The motor oil performs several very important functions. The motor oil lubricates the internal parts of the engine and helps to prevent the engine from overheating. Not only does an oil change consist of draining out the old motor oil, but it also requires the oil filter to be replaced. If the motor oil is changed on a regular basis, you can expect the engine to last for a very long time.

Fuel Injection Cleaning

Your vehicle’s fuel-injection system plays a very important role. The fuel injectors help the engine to sustain the perfect air-fuel ratio. Whether you are accelerating from a traffic light or cruising along the interstate, the fuel-injection system is always hard at work. Although most fuel injectors are extremely durable, leftover carbon deposits can still have a negative impact on their performance. During the 60,000-mile service, the fuel-injection system will be carefully cleaned and restored to its original condition.

Thorough Inspection

A 60,000-mile service includes a thorough inspection of the entire vehicle. The technician will inspect items such as the alternator belt, brakes, and coolant hoses. The tires and the vehicle’s undercarriage will also be thoroughly inspected. If any of these items are in need of replacement, the service center will be sure to notify the car owner.

Schedule An Appointment

If your vehicle is due for a 60,000-mile service, make it a priority to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience. The 60,000-mile service will certainly help your German car or SUV to remain in tip-top condition.

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