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The new Mini is a brand managed by BMW that provides you with the latest in rally car technology. The original Mini was meant to be the small car that anyone in Britain could drive, and the car became iconic after the release of The Italian Job. The new Mini is a take on the vintage Mini is totally modern. A British Mini team runs the World and British Rally Championship circuit, and you see Minis on the road every day.

Proper service for your Mini is required if you want the car to stay on the road for quite some time. Minis are foreign vehicles that cannot be serviced by just any mechanic, but a factory-trained technician can perform service on your Mini at any time. This article explains the services you must complete with help from your factory-trained technician, and we offer customer service that far exceeds what you will find at other locations.

#1: Routine Oil Changes & Adjustments

The new Mini was designed to be tuned for performance, and adjustments may be made to your Mini at any time to help you have a better driving experience. Bring your Mini into the shop when you want to adjust the car to meet your needs, and your oil can be changed during the same appointment. Set up your appointments every three months for best results, or we can squeeze you into our schedule when you need to get your oil changed quickly.

Come and talk to us about the performance you are feeling in your vehicle. Your Mini can be adjusted to provide a better driving feel, and we will work with to make these changes whenever you need them. Certain parts of your Mini may not function as they should, and we will solve small problems in just a few moments.

#2: Manufacturer-Recommended Services

The manufacturer recommended services you must complete include engine flushes, transmission services, fuel pump replacement and mileage services. The owner's manual for your vehicle details all the different services you must have done, and our mechanics will check the service history for your vehicle. Any services that have not been completed will be started immediately, but we ask for your permission before beginning work.

Milestone services for your vehicle will help you extend the life of the car, and you may come in at any time to have them done. We will send you reminders when your car must be serviced, or you may make your appointments a few months in advance. We are happy to see you during your scheduled appointment, or we can fit you in when you drive up to the shop.

#3: Repairs

Repairs inside your new Mini must be completed by mechanics who have trained of new vehicles. Our staff understands how to complete every possible repair on your vehicle, and we will complete the work faster than other mechanics. We complete a full diagnostic on your vehicle before we begin work, and we will recommend repairs to you before we begin.

We are committed to educating our customers, and a mechanic will come see you about the repairs that you need. You may not know what is wrong with your car, but we will explain the problems with your car before we begin repairs. You may decline any recommended repair, and our mechanics will explain what must be done to return your car to working order.

#4: Fair Pricing

We price all our services using fair labor practices. We charge for the time our mechanics put into your vehicle, and we order parts from a drop shipper who offers great prices. We extend those savings to you during repairs, and you will spend less to have your car fixed. Any service you need done in the shop will be completed with the utmost professional care without breaking your budget.

Our commitment to customer service permeates everything we do. Bring your new Mini into our shop at anytime for assistance, or give us a call to make an appointment. We are happy to serve you from the simplest oil change to the most complex repair. You can avoid the high prices at the dealership, and you will be taken care of when you visit our shop. Sit for a while in our waiting room, or leave your car overnight for repairs. We will hand you the keys to a Mini that runs perfectly when you entrust us with the care of your special little Mini.

Ryan G. Motorworks offers manufacturer-recommended services only. So, at a fair price our customers are sure to get high standard Mini Cooper repair and service. Inquire now, call us at (530) 305-2499. Or make an appointment here.

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