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Diesel Repair & Service

The truth of the matter is, you depend on the powerhouse performance you diesel vehicle was designed to provide you with. Diesel vehicles are known for their ability to get better gas mileage and engines that within stand many miles, sometimes double what a gasoline engine has to offer. It doesn’t matter if you are driving a diesel car or a diesel truck, your diesel deserves the best maintenance and repair available. Providing your diesel with the best will ensure that you have many safe and reliable years with your vehicle.

Diesel engines are a popular option for those that need more power or want better fuel economy. These are typically more expensive than gasoline engines, but for a good reason. Their reliability is well-known, but fewer and fewer vehicles are using diesel engines. This translates into fewer automotive shops providing diesel service. But at Ryan GMW we are proud to offer these services to keep your German auto at its best.

When you are experiencing a problem with your diesel vehicle, quick diagnosis and repair of any issue are essential. You should optimize a preventive maintenance program periodically. A preventive maintenance program can ensure that every aspect of your diesel is working as efficiently and effectively as it should be. It can also prevent breakdowns that could be potentially inconvenient and thus avoid any potentially expensive repairs in the futures.

Technicians should be able to diagnose problems with your diesel quickly and affordably. The diesel is designed to give you many years of safe and reliable drivability. In order for you to experience that, your diesel needs to have the best diesel care, repair, and maintenance available. After repairs are performed, potential issues that you may not know about should be checked for.

Diesel repair services include more than just preventive maintenance. Diagnostic testing can also be done to check how efficiently everything is working. The oil still needs to be changed on these vehicles. Tires need to be balanced, rotated and changed. Starters may not work. Batteries can die. Issues with the engine, alternator, hoses, and belts may still arise. Climate control and cooling systems can still malfunction and become problems. Diesels also still require scheduled maintenance services. You need a mechanic that knows the ins and outs of a diesel vehicle and can repair and address any issues or concerns that may come up.

Many of the services that your diesel vehicle needs are similar to gasoline type engines. They still use oil and require a change after a certain number of miles. A regular oil change will help keep the engine running as it should. Oil lubricates the internal parts allowing you to get the most performance from the engine without excessive friction of the internal components.

You may have noticed that with your diesel vehicle you can’t simply turn the key and start it right away. Instead, you must go through a pre-head process, and wait for the light on the dash to tell you the engine is prepped and can be started. Glow plugs are a significant difference between diesel and gasoline engines. Diesels don’t require spark plugs to create a spark. Instead, heat from compression is injected with fuel to produce combustion. Glow plugs are what causes the temperature to rise high enough to induce the combustion process. If one fails, a cylinder will not be able to “fire.” These parts don’t last forever and will need to be changed at some point to ensure your diesel engine runs as it should. In some cases, if there is a faulty glow plug, the engine won’t run at all.

As a diesel performance shop, Ryan G. Motorworks can help with any service you may need to keep your vehicle running smoothly or upgrade it to get the most out of your powerhouse. Upgrades and diesel service can improve gas mileage in addition to performance. From engine work to exhaust upgrades and more, trust the best for your German diesel, at the best automotive shop in Auburn, CA.

Ryan G. Motorworks is the ideal diesel performance shop in Auburn! So, what are you waiting for? Come, viist us today for the performance boost of your German auto. If you need more information, call (530) 305-2499 and we will answer your inquiries! Or simply setup an appointment here.