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Oil Change Service

Oil changes are cheap insurance for your engine- oil is the lifeblood of your car! Often times, manufacturers will recommend intervals that are much higher than what is healthy for the vehicle simply because they are the ones paying for it (*cough* BMW MAINTENANCE PROGRAM *cough*)...

We recommend oil changes every 7,500 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first. This also gives us a change to air up your tires, check your brakes, inspect the ball joints/control arms and steering components. We examine the cooling system, engine and transmission for leaks. This is more than your everyday quick-lube will perform and we do it in just the same amount of time while you wait! No added cost for the through inspection, we just want to be sure your car is reliable for you.

Swing by for your oil change today! Prices start at just $59 for 4cyl cars. We use only the highest quality synthetic oils available to keep your engine in top running condition!

It’s not an unknown fact that the oil needs to be changed in a vehicle. Having the oil changed greatly increases the efficiency and longevity of the engine. It can also prevent the engine from blowing up. It’s an essential maintenance functions that should be performed regularly.

What is done?

The oil is replaced in the engine. The oil filter is also changed during the process. All of the fluid levels are checked to ensure they are at the proper level. Most oil changes include a safety inspection afterwards as part of routine maintenance checks on the car.

Why the oil should be changed?

The manufacturers have recommendations for when to have your oil changed. Your best bet is to follow these recommendations, as they are the ones who built your vehicle and know what it was built to withstand. Another thing to take into consideration though is whether you drive a normal amount or an over abundant amount. The Automotive Association of America (AAA) defines different types of driving conditions. Normal driving conditions are considered highway driving on paved roads that are located in relatively dust free areas. Severe driving conditions are trips that are less than ten miles. They also consider city driving that requires excessive break usage severe driving conditions. Dusty roadways, extreme weather conditions, towing a trailer, and going long periods with the engine idling are all considered severe driving conditions.

There was a survey conducted by the Automotive Service Excellence people (ASE) that showed 90% of the surveyed mechanics believed that the best thing a driver could do to maintain the health of their vehicle was have the oil changed every three thousand miles. The average age of a vehicle on the road continues to increase, but with it so does the need for routine maintenance. Having the oil changed every three thousand miles will make your vehicle have a longer life span.

Need an oil change service that won't compromise the powerful performance of your German auto? Ryan G. Motorworks is the place to go to. To inquire, call (530) 305-2499 or to setup an appointment click here.