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Transmission Repair & Service

As it stands, the transmission is as essential as the engine to get you where you need to be on the road. The transmission of a vehicle is what transmits power from the engine to the wheels. The transmission is responsible for the ability to shift gears and make the car go; if the transmission blows it will cause problems for the driver.

Aspects Of Transmission Repairs

Transmissions require fluid in order to maintain durability and survival. The transmission fluid acts as the coolant, the lubricant, and the hydraulic fluid; so levels shouldn’t get low. Driving a vehicle with little or no transmission fluid can cause the transmission to malfunction or break completely. Transmission fluid should also be clean, odorless, and free of particles.

An engine operation test is a test performed to determine the functionality of the transmission. If the engine isn’t working correctly, however, it can cause the transmission to seem broken. This test allows for the problem to be diagnosed and needed repairs to be known and fixed. If the repairs are out of the expertise of the mechanic or auto-repairman, referrals can usually be made.

The problem may seem like the transmission, but actually be something else entirely. A falling universal joint (or u- joint) not only shakes the car but also sounds really bad and can mimic the effects of a bad transmission. However, the u-joint is typically a minor repair and easily replaced. CV joints and boots found on the vehicle can have the same effect and mimic the transmission, but are a bit more difficult to replace than the u-joints. Whether it’s the transmission or not, the problem can be found.

The engine and/or transmission mounts can also be checked. A bad mount can change the shifting sequences of the transmission because it can cause the engine and/or transmission to move under power. Loss of fluid can occur from bad seals and loose connections. The loss of fluid can be bad enough that it affects the operation. It is simple for repair and typically easy to check.

Moving parts can cause problems that mimic those of a transmission. It pays to have a professional check the drive shaft and undercarriage before spending a lot of money on a transmission that’s not needed. Worn and damaged parts can also cause shifting problems, issues with the computer system, and even effect sequence processing. All of the linkages can also be checked.

The cooling system of the vehicle keeps the engine temperature within a normal range. The operating temperature of the transmission can also be checked to see if it is operating normally. If the cooling system malfunctions and the transmission overheats; well, overheating can be the death of the transmission. Inspecting differential operation and checking for leaks and evidence of either bearing or gear noise can also be useful when problems with the transmission or suspected.

Like the engine has an oil pan, the transmission also has a pan. The transmission pan can be checked to see if there is excessive metal in either the pan or the filter. If there are any broken metal parts in the pan or filter, the problem is probably somewhere inside the transmission. The appearance of the metal parts can mean that the problem will either worsen or the part has already failed. This can cause even more costly damage to the interior of the transmission.

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