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Car Inspection Service

Many different types of inspections should be done regularly on a vehicle. Inspections are done with the purpose of gauging and making sure that everything is working properly. Typically, inspections are done as preventive maintenance. This helps to identify issues before they cause more substantial problems.

Types Of Inspections

As mentioned above there are a few different types of car inspection services that can be performed at Ryan GMW. We want our customers to have the best automotive experience and keep vehicles running like new while extending their longevity. Check out some of the inspection services we offer at our shop that can help prevent more massive repair bills in the future or identify problems that need to be fixed sooner rather than later.

Single System Inspections

If you’re hearing a noise coming from your brakes each time you come to a stop, and just know something isn’t right, it could be time for an inspection. Single system inspections are more for diagnosing a customer’s concern about changes their vehicle is presenting. Some of the most common systems we check for issues including:

  • Cooling System - The cooling system can have many issues ranging from a faulty thermostat to a leaky radiator. In most cases, a customer will have problems with the vehicle overheating. Our technicians can look over that particular system to diagnose what the cooling problem may be. We will also check engine coolant levels to determine proper fill. Not having an inspection done on the cooling system parts can lead to overheating, which can permanently damage the engine block.
  • Braking System - Most are familiar with the components of the braking system. For a disc brake setup, which is the most common braking setup on newer cars, parts can include the pads, rotors, calipers, brake lines, master cylinder, and brake booster. An issue with this system can cause very unsafe driving conditions. When we inspect the brake system we will look at the quality of the pads and rotors, ensure the calipers are applying pressure the way they should, and that no leaks are present.
  • Exhaust - The exhaust of your BMW is essential for a few factors including filtering the gases from the engine to be less harmful to everyone and the environment. One of the most common complaints we see with the exhaust system is unusually noises or louder exhaust tones. We will inspect from the exhaust from the engine, back to the catalytic converters, exhaust piping, and mufflers to determine the source of any leaks.

Complete Car Inspection

Sometimes it’s just best to have a whole car inspection done. With this service, our technicians will look over virtually every system of the car. The suspension, exhaust systems, brakes, fluids, tires, and many other systems can be inspected to see how they are working and if any repairs. Vehicle inspections allow you the opportunity to prevent small problems before they become significant issues. Fluids can be checked to make sure they are all at the right level, the right color and overall still good. Burnt oil or transmission fluid can cause problems for your vehicle. An inspection will tell you if you need any of the fluids changed, replaced or filled.

Tires will be checked to make sure the PSI in them is good and make sure they are balanced, rotated and running correctly. Brakes can be inspected to ensure that you will be able to stop when you need to and won’t go flying through traffic into a potentially dangerous situation. The suspension and exhaust systems can both be inspected to ensure they are working properly.

Used Car Inspection Service

For those that are gearing up to purchase a used car, you should most certainly take advantage of our used car inspection service. While you can run a Carfax on a particular vehicle you are interested in, this won’t tell you the whole story, or if anything is potentially wrong. With our used car inspection service, you can buy with confidence knowing your vehicle will last and is free from potentially expensive repairs.

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The inspection of a vehicle is important. It can prevent problems later on. Like you go the doctor for regular checkups, you should schedule regular checks of your car to prevent future problems and make sure everything is in working order. In the long run, it will increase the life expectancy of your vehicle and probably keep your stress level at a minimum as well. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your next inspection service.

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