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Ferrari Repair & Service

At Ryan GMW, expect to find the best and durable solutions to your Ferrari problems. We offer efficient and high-skilled repair and maintenance services for the iconic global label. We are one of the finest in the game since we hire the best technicians to fix your car problems. We offer a myriad of services, including refurbishing or reinventing your worn out or faulty vehicles. We can provide that crucial facelift, giving your vehicle that new, eye-catching look.

First, we can make your car a haven by fixing useful and life-saving airbags. Forget the late move by Ferrari to recall certain vehicles, made by an individual Japanese company, due to faulty airbags. We are the ultimate solution. Due to poor assembly, such defective air bags can inflate; hence can increase the chance of injury or death in a crash. Ryan GMW values your life so much, and that’s why it offers critical answers to your safety.

If your car is one of the affected, wipe your tears because your prayers have been answered. If you own any of the 2015 year models, including 458 Italia, 458 Speciale A, 458 Spider, the California T, and LaFerrari model then Ryan GMW is your stop destination. Besides, if you have reservations about your car’s air bag ability to safeguard you, please do not hesitate to visit our outlets.

Secondly, we can replace your engine oil. According to analysts, the Ferrari brand is, undoubtedly, one of the most enviable and outstanding in the current vehicle industry. Ryan GMW is also primarily determined to maintain this good reputation. We totally appreciate the role played by engine oil in lubricating engine parts like pistons, hence reducing friction between metals. With time, impurities such as dirt and trace elements decrease the efficiency of oil. Such oil is unproductive since it causes wear and tear. Eventually, an engine is likely to fail. But, Ryan GMW provides up-to-date solutions that ensure the Ferrari product remains one of the most excellent in the industry. For racing cars, we are the definitive answer.

We also provide unique break replacement and repair services. Besides, we can fix that irritating engine problem due to lack of a spark or a bad fuel mix. Also, we deal with clogged fuel filters, low or discharged batteries, and ignition switch failures. Moreover, our technicians can quickly and expertly address service engine soon light issues. For example, we can handle loose or misplaced gas caps, fuel quality problems, electronic regulation module failure, and many more. We are, unquestionably, a force to reckon with in the car industry.

We crucially provide free inspection for our first-time customers. We can give you an experience you will never forget. Just visit us so as to give your car that missing glitter. We can handle all types or brands of the Ferrari model, including:

The California T

This impressive touring sports car is, without a doubt, a product of its kind. It is a luxurious convertible model with two doors that was initially powered by 4.3 L direct gasoline injection engine with 460 PS. It derives its name from the Ferrari 250 GT and Ferrari 365 used in the late 1950s. The model often experiences a myriad of problems like brake failures, ignition failure, and failed engines due to bad fuel. Ryan GMW is entirely dedicated to providing lasting solutions to the challenges mentioned above. Also, we perform electrical lighting repairs and replacements.

Ferrari F12berlinetta

Ferrari F1berlinetta is a modern car that is powered by a front-mid engine. The 2012 vehicle substitutes the 599 series of grand tourers. The car is fitted with special Michelin Super Sports tires, giving it that unique look. Akin to the California, the F1berlinetta uses paddle shifters to transmit power through a dual-clutch that is automated with a semi-automatic gearbox. However, sometimes these paddle shifters and Michelin tires get loose and need replacement. Ryan GMW provides perfect solutions to all these challenges. We can replace and repair the whole transmission engine.


LaFerrari is a symbol of hybrid sports cars that global brands like Ferrari are currently producing. The entire project is based on findings from the assessment of the Ferrari FXX as well as research carried out by the Michelin project. The crucial model addresses the aspect of global warming by cutting down on fuel consumption rate by 40 percent, but providing the utmost power out. Nonetheless, nothing is super perfect. LaFerrari also experiences a couple of challenges like engine failure and lubrication problems. Ryan GMW can address all these issues.

Need repair and service for your Ferrari? Visit Ryan G. Motorworks today to get your Ferrari going! Set an appointment today or call (530) 305-2499.

Ferrari Repair and Service